Wednesday, January 7, 2009

50 + 1 Recipes for Apples..........

Decided to give veggies a break and do a series of fruit recipes. Today its apples, which are readily available all over the world.

1. Apple Sauce. I make this all the time. I buy apples from the reduced produce pile, peel it and cut them up, pop them in a pan with a little water and boil them for a few minutes until softened. Then puree them in the blender. You could add cinnamon if you want, we like ours plain, sometimes we add some frozen rapsberries, or strawberries, for apple strawberry puree, or apple raspberry puree.

2. Apple Cake - make two as these freeze well.

4. Bistro Apple Pizza - this one is a bit strange if you ask me?

9. Apple Pie - this is a step by step recipe with photos

10. Apple Butter - should this be used like jam? Isn't it just like apple sauce?

11. Apple Jelly - another step by step recipe with photos

46. Apple Puff Omelet - I can see me trying this recipe

48. Apple-Turkey Burgers with Cranberry- Apple Salsa - this sounds so good......

51. Fresh Fruit Cocktail - I make a version of this, it's a great way of using up excess fruit you may have in the house.

So there you go there are some yummy recipes amongst those. I can see me trying a few, and I hope you do too. Next week it will be Pears.


Cathy said...

Is that all there is to apple sauce? I thought it was a whole process..I will have to try it.

I only played the wii that one night and haven't touched it since. I will have to try it again.

I will be looking for your post on Friday..thanks

Winifred said...

Looks like some really great tastes here. Thanks Gill.

Evelyn said...

I will have to try the omelet!

apple butter is more like jelly than sauce. it was a way for our ancestors to preserve all those apples without using store bought pectin. I am not usre if applesauce keeps as well in jars. I have seen apple butter made and it is a long process but not labour intensive. evelyn

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am going to make number 15 tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes.......


CannedAm said...

Thank you for this post! I'll be working my way through it! We probably eat our weight in apples a couple times a year! Love those things!

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Love these post! I make apple butter, sauce and dry apples yrly.
Hope life slows down for you soon!
Have a great day!

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for that post. We still have a ton of apples that we collected from the apple trees in our garden last Autumn.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You have done alot of work here, Gill. Several of those recipes look wonderful. I especially like Apple Butter. Thanks!!!

George and I enjoy eating apples --and try to eat 1/2 each day. They are good for you (as you know). We recently found a new eating apple that we LOVE. It's called Honey Crisp... YUM!!!

George said...

Thanks for the links to these recipes. The ones I checked sound yummy!

scrappy quilter said...

Thanks for these recipes. I'll be watching on Friday.