Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am being interviewed........

by Janet and here is what she asked me:

1. Can you tell us where you are from, and a little about your early life in England?

I lived in both Cumberland and Westmoreland, which was then combined to make up Cumbria, which if you live in Canada is the province, if in the States the State. I have two younger brothers and although we were not rich, we never felt poor. We were just your average working class family. I am sure my mam and dad struggled, but we were never exposed to it.

I was close to my Nana and Pop (my mam's parents) and spent a lot of time at their house in the holidays. They lived on London Road, in Carlisle. I have many fond memories of being there. I also used to go on holidays with them to Scarborough. My Nana and Pop also ran a bed and breakfast from their house, and it was there I had my first taste of canned grapefruit, it was so sweet I loved it. My Nana also always had TUC Crackers and butter, again loved those. They were the first in our family to have a colour tv, and my Nana used to love watching the wrestling on tv on a Saturday.

Me and my younger brother fought like cat and dog when we were growing up, as we both had the same temperament. Now we are the best of friends. My other brother and I, although not as close, I would do anything to help him if needed. They both live in England. My parents divorced just before I married dh, and my mother and step-father live in England, and my dad and step-mother live in Canada. So I also now have two step-sisters and two step-brothers.

2. Why did you move to Canada?

Dh worked for a company called British Gypsum in Britain. The plant where he worked was forecast to have enough "gypsum" in the mine until dh was around 40. At that point they reckoned it was going to close. My dad had moved to Canada, and we decided, why not. We were young enough to start over, the kids were only 3 1/2 and 5 years old, so missing there friends wasn't as big a deal as if they were teenagers. We also knew there would be more opportunities for both them and us.

Me and dh came over for a week in the fall of 1988 to see if dh could find a job which he did. We went back home and applied to come over and in May of 1989 we finally landed here. It took that long for the paperwork to come, despite the fact dh had a job, my dad sponsored us, and we had enough "points" to sink a ship to qualify us. They don't work with a speed of knots the immigration department!!!

3. What do you like best, and least, about living in Canada?

I'll do the worst first, the weather, it's getting worse the longer we live here. It's the extremes. In the summer its boiling hot, in the winter it's freezing cold, there never seems to be a happy medium. Also the fact that most of our family live in the UK, it would be nice if they were closer.

The best, well that has to be the opportunities. I know deep down we wouldn't have what we have if we had stayed in Britain, also the kids maybe wouldn't have done as well as they have done.

4. What is your best money saving tip?

The weekly boxes, where I put money away each week for birthdays and for Christmas. Think about it, how great is it to go to the birthday box, when there is a birthday and just take out the money, no scrambling to find the money. It's the same with Christmas, the money is there come Christmas time, no worrying about how we can afford to pay for Christmas, and no putting it on the credit cards!!!

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, we love the area, we love the people. The weather isn't as extreme and it's calming and more laid back down there. Will we ever live there, probably not, as the kids will be staying put in Canada, and its too far away from them.

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Lindsay said...

A very interesting interview, having visited many countries over the years - Canada is my favourite.

fizzycat said...

I did not know Canada was hot in the Summer. Thanks for comments on blog, Cumbria is a beautiful place to come from.Will be back to read more.

Lakeland Jo said...

I love tuc crackers and butter, and tinned grapefruit too!

Cherie said...

No kidding about Canada (well Ontario anyway, I here BC is more temperate) being land of extremes! - 40c (-40 F) last week and last summer we got as hight as 40 C (104F)!!! The children seem to handle it much better than I do!

I love TUC crackers I haven't found them in Ontario though. (I am from Nova Scotia originally)

I really enjoyed your interview! You sound like good people!

Janeen said...

That was fun! Thoughtful answers too! Sure, interview me. Email to follow...

George said...

I was glad to hear that you like the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. You're welcome down here any time you can make it!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Now that surprised me, for some reason I imagined you had married a Canadian. Just shows that we shouldn't presume about people, LOL. Loved the interview. You can interview me if you don't get any other takers. Boy did I just say that. I've gone all shy now. Margaret

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ditto Gill--as to what George said. You'd love it down here. We really do have the best of all worlds --not too hot, not too cold, all four seasons, etc. Come visit our area--and we'll give you some pointers and show you around!!!

Jess said...

Great post, and I learned alot!

Have a great day
Love, Jess

Janet said...

Hi Gill, thanks so much for taking part. I really enjoyed reading your answers, it's nice to know more about you. Take care and stay warm.

scrappy quilter said...

Loved the answers to your interview. I didn't realize you've only been here since 1989. I'm glad you're here. It' certainly was Canada's gain.

Gill - That British Woman said...

glad you liked my answers and you learned a few new things about me, figured though by now you knew everything there was to know about me???


Tea Time With Melody said...

Ok, I like the weekly boxs for Christmas and Birthday money. Great idea. said...

Really interesting!

Interview Me!