Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Odds and ends, this and that, bits and bobs.....

Ever had one of those blogging days when you just think to yourself what am I going to write about today? Well today (Monday) is one of those days. Not sure how you all do it, but I tend to write a post one day to be posted the next day. I have my posts published around 1am our time so that there is a new post for you to read in North America when you get up in a morning. I guess its also there for your morning reading in Europe as well? It's just you guys down under that have to wait until late morning, early afternoon to see what I have written about today.

I do pride myself on being pretty organized and do tend to write a number of posts ahead of time. My weekly recipe posts I was working a month ahead of time. I have been lazy and I am still working on November 14th's post. I think it's because the veggies I am choosing are more unusual and its harder finding the recipes. I know this weeks Brussels sprouts one was a real doozy finding 51 recipes, but I persevered and found 51.

Then there are some weeks when I could write six posts in one day, but I find one per day is more than enough, other than when I do the photography posts, you know the Watery Wednesday, Skywatch Friday and Today's Flower posts. I do those posts as I enjoy taking photographs, and seeing what other people have done, inspires you to experiment and to try harder.

When I write a post I want it to interest you as much as it interests me. But as I generally lead a pretty boring life, some days its hard finding things to write about.

For example, this is what I did today.

Got up, had my breakfast, read the newspaper and did the sudoku puzzle while eating my breakfast. I then finish my cup of tea, while I do my daily journal report for my column that I have on Phancy Pages I also catch up on my emails etc.

I then went for a shower, and cleaned the bathrooms. I threw a load of laundry in the washer, by this time its nearly 8:30am. I called my mother, but she was having her lunch and told me she would call me back. I then washed some dishes, made some fish cakes for supper and prepared a romaine lettuce for supper. I hung the laundry on the clothes horse to dry and did a couple of little jobs.

By this time it was 9:30am and my mother called me back. We talked until nearly 10am. I made a cup of tea, went and got the mail and read the mail while I was drinking my tea.

By this time its 10:20am, so I went upstairs and gave that a good clean. It didn't take too long, as we only use two of the four bedrooms, so I only ran the duster over the two bedrooms we don't use. I polished all the oak staircase down, and then hoovered all downstairs as well. Just for added excitement I am including a photo!!!

By this time its after 11:30am. Did a couple of little things before 12 noon. Had lunch at 12 noon and watched MASH while having my lunch. I then wrote a bit more of this post. I then went and did some sewing for a while and finally finished off my nephews quillow for Christmas. Came back downstairs and did the ironing. Surfed the net while I had a cup of tea.

I then made an apple crisp. Now while supper was cooking I popped in to visit some blogs and over at Cathy's she has a couple of You Tube clips which are so, so funny, here is a link to one of them.

After supper things got super exciting I watched the news, had a shower, then watched both my soaps, Eastenders and Coronation Street. Then watched Little People Bigger World, then went to bed. What a day, eh!!!

Actually this post didn't turn out too bad, as I added a couple of recipes, that I had posted ages ago, a couple of other links, a funny and even a photo. Not bad for having nothing to say!!!


Lakeland Jo said...

I really love hearing about other people's days and sometimes the most routine and ordinary stuff is the most interesting, especially if they are writing from a different country. I love the picture of the staircase, and I love the sound of the apple crisp too. Glad to hear you have as many little jobs to do in your house as I have- they really do take some time don't they?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, I enjoyed hearing about your day, but must say that if that is the norm, you must have a very clean house! Love that your mum put you off until later. HA


Winifred said...

I love hearing about other people's days too. I have to say you get a lot more done in a day than I do. I'm not an early riser so you've done more by 10.30 than I do most days.

Love your staircase!

I really envy you being able to watch MASH. As far as I know they have never shown it again here in the UK since it ran in the seventies. Definitely not on terrestial TV. Don't know why. It may be on one of the satellite channels but I've never seen it at my daughter's when I look through their programmes.

I thought about buying that full series pack but it was expensive and I thought I might never do any housework again!

Cathy said...

Wow, you got a lot done. I never get everything done. Then by the time I turn around what I just did is destroyed again. Kids ya know. Anyways, Thanks for add over to my videos. I still laugh when I watch them. Have a great day.

QuiltedSimple said...

I love hearing about the ordinary stuff that others do day in and day out - makes my ordinary not seem so much like a drag. You got lots done - which is always a good thing! And, I did use a McCall's pattern for my pj pants - brought when they were on sale for 99 cents at JoAnn's.

Rudee said...

You're very industrious. I've lost a little time myself now catching up on all those dance party fridays. Thanks for the link.

Merle said...

Dear Gill ~~ You sure get a lot done in a day. Well done, lots more than I get through. Maybe you will inspire some of us to do similarly well. Glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take care, my friend
Love, Merle.

Erin said...

enjoyed a day in the life of gill :)

thanks for sharing.

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Wow, You are busy as well as organized!
Hope you have a great day!

HisEllieMae said...

Wow, Gill! I'm lucky if I can complete a post on my blog every other day or so ~ let alone posts for November 14.

You've really done a great job with your blog. It's come a long way! Great going!

I'm looking forward to reading more posts ~ except now I'm going to be wondering just how long ago you really wrote it with my reading pleasure in mind!

Hugs and blessings!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your comments. I must say yesterday was a heck of a lot more productive than today!! Did get some things done, but not as much as I had hoped.


cheshire wife said...

You seem to be a lot more organised than I am. I usually start to do one thing then get side tracked into doing something else.

Jess said...

You are way more organized than I am at the blogging thing! More dedicated too...lol

I just realized that you could post date a post to be published in the future... just yesterday.. so I'm way behind! lol

Winifred said...

Hi Gill

Thanks for the email.

I've just checked the Hallmark UK schedule until December and MASH isn't on it. Must be different in Canada.

I wonder whether there's some problem negotiating the rights. I can't believe the programmers would think people here wouldn't want to see it.

Might write to ITV3 if I can find a contact. They show some really good drama repeats and quite few are American. You can only try.

Hill upon Hill said...

I actually thought it was a great post. I love reading about other people's days. Your food sounds so yummy. Thanks for you kind comment.

Bear Naked said...

You accomplished so much more than I did today.
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.
How did you find my blog?

Bear((( )))