Saturday, October 4, 2008

Odds and ends today, a bit of a mixture.......

A couple of good deals out there. Its 20 x the points at Shopper's Drug Mart today (4th), so take advantage of it to stock up on a couple of things and get more is a link to their flyer Just a reminder, make sure you buy a $50 SDM gift card to pay for your purchases with, as you get points on gift cards, so a bonus 500 points there. Also if your store has an ATM in it, check to see if it spits out bonus points certificates. One of our stores do, you just put in your SDM card, you don't take money out, just get the bonus points certificates.

Another really, really good deal at the moment is there is a $5 certificate that you can print out here which is good in Rexall or Pharma Plus stores, and all you have to do is purchase a minimum of $5 before taxes and then they'll take your $5 off. We used it this morning, both me and dh, I dragged him along!!!! I got band aids, rubber gloves and a chocolate bar and it cost me $1.52 after the $5 coupon was taken off. Dh got the same. So I am going to make a point of driving by one of the Pharma Plus stores every time I go out. As luck would have it, I have three stores not too far from me. One of them is a big new store that sells food as well. Here is a link to their flyer

I am not sure if I have mentioned we live behind a "ravine", that is being left to "naturalize" Well to my mind its a weed, mosquito and garbage infested ditch, and because of that I have thistles galore growing into my garden. So I have called the city a number of times and said, is there no way you could at least tidy it up a little bit? They come they look and they do nothing!!! So on my walk the other morning I took a couple of photos.

Our house is the one with the brown Gazebo you can see the roof of. If you click on the photo's you can see how much is weeds there.

Now we live on a crescent so if you imagine a U shape, we live on the left hand corner of the bottom of the U in the curve. On the right hand corner of the curve there is a pond behind them.

Then down behind the right hand side its all ravine and look what I saw down there.

I think our bit looks so grubby as its closer to the High School, so there is a lot of garbage from the kids.

I have to say I have felt like a naughty schoolkid these past couple of days bunking off of school, as we have been going for a walk after 9am in the morning. Normally I would be doing housework, and dh would be at work, so it made a nice change to go for a walk. With it being so crisp and cool, it also felt good to "blow away some of those cobwebs!!"

I managed to get my Christmas gift closet cleaned out this week, so at least I know what I have got and what I have to buy for Christmas. Pretty pleased with myself, as I had more in there than I thought.

One thing I have decided to try and do this Fall is to try a new recipe each week. I made a great soup this week, which I'll post tomorrow.


Lakeland Jo said...

Wish I had a Christmas closet- sounds like a good idea. I bought two Christmas presents today in a three for the price of two gift offer at Boots the Chemist

Gill - That British Woman said...

I like Boots........


Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's funny, I have a friend Gill who is from England, lives near here now, and she frequently goes to Canada to see friends and get her hair cut.
I hope to get through some of your recipes. We are very into organic veggies and grow many here at our farm. Garlic is our biggest crop. Stop by again.
Lori Skoog

Suburbia said...

I am begining to realise the housework is always there, so why not enjoy yourself, you can always fit it in another time!!

Denise said...

Nice photos and I liked the one of the Great Blue Heron. Lovely post as always.

Liz said...

Those don't look like Canadian houses! Are you really in Canada?!

Christmas? Oh no, not yet, please!