Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What I was up to today.......

A day in the life of that British Woman.......you'll be yawning by the end of this post!!

Got up and threw one load of laundry in the washer. Had breakfast, had a shower, cleaned the bathroom's, then threw another load of laundry in the washer. Hung out the first load, had to put my jacket on as it was nippy cold outside. While the second load was washing I called Rogers to take advantage of a free offer they were having. Until some time in November you can get the HD speciality package for free for three months, so asked to be signed up for that.

I then emailed Bath and Body Works to find out why we can't use/get access to the coupons that they give to customers in the States. Haven't heard back from them yet.

By this time the second load of laundry was ready to hang outside. Between me and you, I think my neighbours popped their laundry in with my pile to be washed, as I nearly ran out of pegs today.

I then trot out to do some errands. The pants we ordered from Marks Work Wearhouse last week, see this post, Purolator had tried to deliver, and we weren't in? So I had to go and pick them up at Purolator itself. We would have never been in, as they had the wrong house number, and that neighbour isn't my biggest fan at the moment, as I have complained about their illegal basement apartment!!!

I call in at Pharma Plus to take advantage of the $5 coupon, see this post, only to be told they had pulled the deal, no surprise there, as it was badly thought out. However I managed to get the manager to let me use one of the $5 coupons ;-) I then popped into Shopper's Drug Mart, A & P and Fortino's on the way home.

This is what I bought when I was out today. All that in the photo cost me $30.05, and I had coupon savings of $33.84. I will say that the two big bags of candy and the box of candy cost me nearly $27, however there is enough there for 100 kids at Halloween. So the rest of the stuff cost me less than $3, I had a number of free product coupons.

I put the shopping away and then ran the hoover over the house, I have to look as though I have done something around the house today...LOL I windexed the patio doors AGAIN, I swear its a full time cleaning them, as everytime it rains its filthy again. Plus we have 8 foot wide patio doors, so they are huge amount of glass.

By this time it was lunchtime, so I had the soup you see in the photo (bottom left). It was good, and for the Canadians there is a free product coupon if you click this link

Are you still awake? After lunch all that washing was dry and ready to iron. I double checked to make sure it was all our washing and not some of my neighbours, and sure enough its all our clothes. Mind you I haven't done a load of coloured since last week, so that's maybe why I had such a lot of washing today. Took me nearly an hour to do all the ironing.

After that I decide to go for a walk as I wanted to take a few photos. So off I go and as I am taking my photo's a young man passes. With the baggy pants and hoodie, your typical young man, who could possibly mug you. However not this man, he had an interest in photography and was a joy to talk to and very informative. You know that saying "never judge a book by it's cover," that was the case with this young man. It was a pleasure talking to him. Then three older men cyclists passed and shouted over at me, if it was a Kodak moment, which made me smile. then the batteries went flat on my camera...@##!@#! and other words like that. So I walked home.

I will show you photos in a later post. I came home had a coffee, and then went into the garden to pick some tomatoes, and this is what I saw:

I have to say this butterfly was not at all interested in me as I took photos of it. I will post more photos later in the week. I don't think I have ever been as close to a butterfly before.

I then prepped supper, pork cutlets, baked potatoes and Caesar salad. After supper I watched the news, and my two soaps, Coronation Street and Eastenders, and had my second shower of the day (I HAVE too have two showers a day). Watched tv some more and surfed the net, and we were in bed by just after 9pm, I am up usually by around 6am, and dh is up by 4.30am.

Do I lead an exciting life or what!!!!


Linda said...

I saw the butterfly earlier and now I have read your post. I think you did heaps.

When the butterflies and newly hatched they are easy to photograph. I wonder if that was the case with yours?

Kim said...

Sound like a VERY busy day in your life. I don't think I accomplished nearly that much, but we are in the midst of full blown potty training so I spend a lot of my time back and forth between the bathroom, LOL!

headly said...

i have also been watching coronation street for the last 25 years. my guilty pleasure of the week. i watch it all at once on sunday's just so i can get overload. i cannot live without my corrie!

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
I'm worn out just reading about your day!Lol
Hope you get some rest ,you know tomorrow will be time to start all over again!
HAve a great day!

Kim said...

Baggy pants and hoodies are a fashion statement (however much we may hate them) they do not make someone a "possible" mugger. You could just as easily be mugged by someone well dressed.

This is how stereotypes are created.

ExpatKat said...

Hey Gill, you just reminded me that I have to get clothes out of the washing machine!

Sabra said...

Good grief, Gill - Takes me two days to do what you did in one! Ironing done in an hour? I must be doing it all wrong...

Denise said...

Well Gill, sounds like you had a pretty productive day. And I loved that butterfly on the flower photo. Great job on that and great job on the post.

david mcmahon said...

I'm still awake .... and you're very busy!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your comments........