Monday, September 15, 2008

We've arrived!!!!

and the place is stunning..

However on the down side, we are having major, major, problems with the internet. We are going to try and find a Future Shop, or something to see if we can buy our own device, as this one is costing us $86 to rent for the two weeks and it sucks!!!

So I can't load any photos as it is so slow just trying to send an email and it keeps disconnecting, very frustrating.

However, the apartment is stunning, we're right on the ocean and the views are gorgeous. We went paddling in the ocean last night, and met a great couple from Johnson City in Tenneesse. Its super hot and humid, but we're on vacation so who cares, right!!!

I hope to get this internet situation sorted out. So sorry if I am slow in publishing your comments.

We're heading into Charleston this morning and we need to buy deck chairs so we can sit on the beach. Wish you all were here with us.


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