Monday, September 22, 2008

Odds and ends, and a couple of it could only happen to us.

Sunday September 21st.

We had decided early on in the week to have a quiet day today, as we were doing something every other day. Plus I decided to do laundry as well. I only had two loads to do and it took me all morning to wash and dry everything. The washer does not spin as fast as I would like, so the clothes feel a lot damper than they do at home, it could be because this one it a top loader and I am used to a front loader? Anyhow, I eventually get it all done.

We then go to the Atlanta Bread Company for lunch which was so good. Then we wandered around Barnes and Noble for a while. I asked one of the guys there for help in looking for a book. He had the worst bad breath I have ever come across. I kept edging away from him, and he kept moving towards me, it was nasty. I am not sure if it was this particular store, but I found the books to be pricey? Maybe its because I am used to ordering my books from Book Close Outs?

We then spent the afternoon in the condo just lazing around. We booked a dinner cruise tonight that started at 7pm. We had hoped to book it for dh's birthday night, but it was fully booked. It was a nice meal, we had She Crab Soup to start, followed by a garden salad, then I had Crab Cakes and dh had Beef Tenderloin. Dessert was extra, I had Creme Brulee and dh had Key Lime Pie, then coffee. The cruise lasted three hours, unfortunately it was pitch black dark for nearly all of it, but it was enjoyable looking at the skyline of downtown Charleston.

Now for the couple of it could only happen to us. So we book this cruise at the beginning of last week. So the girl needs all our info including name and address. She asks for a Zip code, I tell her I only have a postal code, no problem, she inputs it and the system won't take it, so she says I need a Zip Code, I tell her I don't have one, she says but I need one???? By the way I should say we are booking this right at the booking office, not on the phone. So I say well the only Zip Code I actually know is Beverly Hills 90210, she says that's fine and inputs that. So we now live in the Beverly Hills 90210 district, thank goodness I watched that series!!!

So when we arrive at the condo our ensuite bathroom has a shower over the tub, which is fine. However the tub is very slippery and there is no tub mat. I need a new one for the kids bathroom at home, so we go out and buy one that I had seen in Canada, it looks like pebbles. We put it in the tub and it works fine. There is one small smells like a skunk, I mean it is stinky and skunky. We cannot leave the bathroom door closed as the smell is just plain icky!!!!! A week later and finally it is getting better. Honestly who would have thought it would have stunk so much.

Finally I think I will have to call the Isle of Palms police department to let them know where to find their abandoned police car. We are staying on the Wild Dunes Resort, which is a gated community. Just down the road they put a four way stop sign system, actually this happened on Friday. On Friday there were two police cars parked there, I guess to make sure people actually stopped at the signs. We noticed at the time, one of the cars didn't have anyone sitting in it, never thought much about it. However two days later that police car is still sitting there with no one in it. Do you think they have forgotten about their police car, or even forgotten where they parked it????

There you go just some odds and ends. Depending on the weather we may go to another plantation or to the museum today (Monday)


Lib said...

Hi Gill,
I sure hope things gets better for ya'll.
I'm guessing the police car is to trick folks into slowing down. THey do that here. Even on the interstate you will see a car with a dummy inside ,at 1st glance you think a cop and get closer to see its a dummy dressed like a cop.
Happy autumn and hope ya'll have a great day!

Sandi McBride said...

Thanks for the book buy link...I love a good book store, don't you? We lived in Charleston years ago, I love visiting the Holy City every summer, but this year we're putting it off til Christmas...I want to see the lights at the Battery and drive by Rainbow Avenue...go see the Navy Base at North reminded of when it was home...I enjoyed this call IOP's Police dept...they may have simply forgotten the car was missing!

Dar's Foto Faze said...

Sounds like an interesting time. Have fun.