Wednesday, September 17, 2008

50 + 1 Recipes for Potatoes........

For some people its rice, others its pasta, for us the staple in our household is potatoes........

1. For us is plain Baked Potatoes, cooked in either the oven or the microwave, split open and with lots of butter on it.

2. 3 Bean and Potato Salad

3. 3 Day Mashed Potatoes

4. Accordian Potatoes

5. All-In-One Potato Bake

6. All-Wrapped-Up Potatoes

7. Aloo Gobi Aur Mater (Cauliflower with Potatoes and Peas)

8. Aloo Matar Paneer (Potatoes, Peas, and Cheese in Sauce)

9. Alpine Potato Casserole

10. Amish/Mennonite Potato Salad

11. Anna M. Stamplecoskie's Potato Dumplings

12. Gnocchi

13. Bubble and Squeak Patties

14. Roasted Root Vegetable Patties

15. Healthy Potato Wedges

16. Corned Beef Potato Cakes with Red Onion Chutney

17. Potato Gallets (Pancakes)

18. Potato Scones

19. Pronto Potato Vegetable Soup

20. Potato Tomato Scallop

21. Potato-crusted Quiche with Smoked Cheddar and Canadian Bacon

22. Potatoes with Peppers and Chorizo

23. Cream Of Potato Soup

24. Shepherd's Pie

25. Easy Potato Casserole

26. Ranchy New Potato Salad

27. Potato Wedges Parmesan

28. Chinese-Style Baked Potato

29. Potato Fritatta

30. Dark Chocolate Potato Brownies

31. Potato Oatmeal Muffins

32. Potatoes Wellington

33. Seasoned New Potato Pouch

34. Loaded Mashed Potato Recipe

35. Mashed Potato Fudge

36. Hot Stuffed Cheddar Potatoes

37. Parmesan Potato Bites

38. Potato Spinach Casserole

39. Ice Water Potatoes

40. Pizza Pan Potato Skins

41. Potato Vegetable Pie

42. Hearty Bacon Potato Chowder

43. Harvest Stuffed Potatoes

44. Potato Quesadillas

45. Potato Chili

46. Potato Vegetable Layers

47. Salmon Stuffed Potatoes

48. Baby Red & White Kabobs

49. Crustless Island Potato Quiche

50. You say tomato, I say potato

51. Potato Salad with Tuna

Even if I say so myself, there is a nice mix of recipes in there, something for everyone......

Next week its mushrooms
Here is the nutritional information for potatoes.


Lib said...

Hi Gill,
You know how I love these post!:o)THanks for sharing!
We are potato people too.
Hope ya'll have a great day!

AmyK said...

Now THIS one is something I could for sure use! We love potatoes; well, except for my stepdaughter. She doesn't much like them. Of course, she doesn't much like anything...
Great list, Gill!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment at Glasgow Daily Photo - I'm glad you liked it, and I'm always happy to have new visitors!

I'm discovering lots of foodie blogs - I'm never going to lose any rate at this rate, there are too many fabulous recipes out there waiting to be tried out!

Gill - That British Woman said...

we too are big potato eaters.....thanks for the comments


LizBeth said...

Gill, this is wonderful! We love potatoes. I've just discovered you through Margaret. Thanks, LizBeth