Thursday, May 9, 2013


I said I was going to post today about the kitchen and although I did make a start on the post, I didn't get too far. 

I spent most of Wednesday outside cutting grass as it wasn't as warm and it was over cast.  The grass is on steroids and I swear is growing as fast as I am cutting it.  Anyhow I ran out of gas around 2pm, so had to come in.  By the way despite it being over cast and despite me putting sunscreen on I got burnt to a crisp!!!  I didn't wear my hat as it was over cast, but did have my sunglasses on.

We're not putting much of a veggie garden in, as dh is too busy with other projects to give me much help; plus his other knee is giving him problems.  He had the right knee scoped last August and the surgeon said at the time he could have his left one done anytime he wanted, but dh wanted to wait until he can't stand the pain.  He has/had a torn meniscus in both knees.  He needs knee replacements, but is much too young at the moment.  I would think he'll be having his second one done by the end of the summer, as the spasms are getting more and more painful for him.

I am also trying to get dd table runner completed before they come up on Saturday.  So last night I sat and hand sewed half the binding on, and will get that finished today.  I will take photos when I am done, really pleased with the fabric choices.  Must say my hands were complaining about all the hand sewing last night.

Dh was watching the Maple Leafs versus the Boston team hockey game.  The guy who sang the national anthems was good.  He sang at the last game and is a soldier.  He actually didn't muck it up like the professional/famous folks do.  Also the sheer joy and pride in his face when he sang was a Kodak moment to my mind.  Dh was saying one of his co-workers had got tickets for the game.  They were sitting in the nose bleed section, so right at the top and paid $250 a ticket.  What a flipping waste of money!!  The tickets are generally $90.  I will say that the Toronto Maple Leafs do deserve to win, only because they have the most devoted and enthusiastic fans out there; that support them through tick or thin - and it's generally on the thin side!!!

Gosh that was a lot of writing about hockey, a game I can't stand!!!

Finally I wrote another book review on a really good book called, Mennonite Girls Can Cook - Celebrations.  You can read it here.  The book is a keeper and would make a wonderful gift, even a great Bridal Shower gift.  As I said in my review, I'm not donating it; its going on my book shelf.


Buttons said...

Oh Gill you and DH take care of yourself OK.
Hockey I was OK when it was not on taking up time on the TV :)

Jane and Chris said...

You've been sick,that explains you talking about hockey.I'll let you off....this once.
Jane x

Paula said...

I get the worst sunburns on overcast days. You don't feel the heat.

If the doctors offer you dh knee replacement at sometime. Tell him not to wait. My mom put it off for 5 years and regretted it. She was so happy with the pain relief that was nearly instant after her replacements.

Gill - That British Woman said...

the surgeon says he is not bad enough, or old enough, so he has no choice but to wait.


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Yech on Hockey; hope you are feeling a wee bit better soon x

Karen said...

I have been watching the opening bits just to see that young lad sing! He has an amazing voice and his demeaner is so positive.
I'm also in need to a knee replacement but they tell me I can't have it for another 10 years due to my age.

Em Parkinson said...

Not a fan either Gill. I guess you mean Ice Hockey by the way! I played the other kind at school and absolutely hated that too! What age is the right one for knee replacement I wonder???

Rose said...

I am definitely of the frame of mind that getting older is not for sissies. Seems like it is always something. I feel for your hubby...sometimes it is just as well to go on and get things taken care of. Am wishing now that I had went to dr. for therapy for my shoulder when it first started...I would be all recovered by now.