Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just a quick update.......

I am feeling a lot better.  Still coughing up ick and still tired, but at least I can do some things without having to sit down every half an hour.  I am now into week four with this, (SIGH)

Trying to get all the grass cut by the end of today before it rains.  Already broken the tractor once this week (SIGH) A spring broke on it so it wouldn't cut.  Dh has managed to get it to work again.  Yeah to dh for being so handy!!!

Our kitchen is now in an up roar.  We started to do one job and now it has turned into a huge nightmare of a problem.  I honestly don't know where to start with it all, but it's a mess.  I think I will compose a post to try and explain what happened.  Suffice to say I am washing dishes in the downstairs bathroom sink.

On a more positive note I lost ten pounds in weight, as I finally shaved my legs!!!!  Yes I was at the braiding stage and yes it took me three days to get it all off....LOL  Now instead of my legs being soft and hairy, they are now prickly!!!  So I guess it'll be a daily job of bloody well shaving them?  With it being shorts weather I guess it's necessary? 

So there you go, nothing much to say, sorry!


Debby said...

Gill you are so far ahead of me!!! I thought I was all ready for spring when I shaved under my arms forgot all about the legs :( Crap Congrats on the weight loss!!!!

Jane and Chris said...

Spring is here...I painted my toenails!!
Glad you are feeling better.
Jane x

EG CameraGirl said...

Hooray for feeling better. Thanks for making me laugh about your hairy legs. :))

Rose said...

I was wondering if you were was glad to see this post from you. Hope you continue to improve.

~Carla~ said...

Glad you're getting better!! Mya is improving as well... as for the legs, well, I feel your pain. ;) haha!~