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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Horse wearing sunglasses, a baby with a tattoo, what next?

Actually the horses are not wearing sunglasses, they are to keep the flies from their eyes, but they do look like sunglasses.  That is UTI by the way, looking well looked after and groomed now.

Our little Princess got her first tattoo on Saturday, so cute; they were attending a children's birthday party.  She also go her ears pierced this week as well.  She's wearing a Mothercare bib, I always loved that store when my two were babies.

The trees are in full bloom and so are my allergies!!!  Luckily I use the Life Brand ones from Shopper's Drug Mart so not as expensive.  Paid $20 for 48 days yesterday.  Ontario is a hot bed for allergies our doctor was saying. 
I have used up all my storage space with Photobucket.  Any ideas what other free photo storage is out there?

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My allergies are in full swing as well... I bought Morgan her allergy pills at Target, claritin (regular strength) 60 pills for $30... not too bad I don't think. Nitara looks soo sweet with her new "tat" and peirced ears! :) What a doll!!

If you have another email address you can set up another Photobucket account. Do you resize your images before uploading? That saves a huge amount of space.
My allergies are very active as well.

Baby Nitara looks so cute with the earrings and the butterfly tattoo.

My allergies are acting up too. My eyes are red and I sneeze several times during the day. I switched to Singulair because Zyrtec was no longer working for me. It helps me breathe well. Taking a shower before going to bed helps quaite a bit too especially if you have spent time outdoors.

Nitara looks lovely. She's doing so well, growing fast. Same over here with allergies. I use Sainsbury's hay fever tablets or sometimes Boots. I like the Loratine ones bets (that's the main ingredient). I always get badly bitten by mosquitos wherever I am so the doctor told me to take the tablets one a day all through the summer. I don't know if it helps but it's worth trying. It is cheaper to buy the supermarket brand, as you know. Some of the tablets make me so sleepy and that's no good!

Thanks to the late spring here, my allergies are late in starting....every cloud eh? Beautiful photos! Since I haven't run out of space yet, I have no advice regarding storage - sorry!

Lovely photos ! I am lucky I do not have allergies . I hope you can nip your allergies in the bud ! I use an internal and external hard drive and the program Lightroom and Photoshop for my photos . Sorry cant help I have no idea. Hope you find another way to hold all your photos . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

When I saw "a baby with tattoo" I was scared to read your post...Phew...She's so cute :)

Nitara is just so cute! I think everyone's allergies are hit big time this spring.

The only solace we can find when it comes to allergies, Gill, is knowing we do not suffer alone. Oh sweet Nitara .. she appears to actually be laughing in this photo, she must be having a blast at the party !

Gorgeous pics, but they are very large, maybe if you go back re-sizing some of the older pictures you will free up space.

My hayfever has kicked in big style but I'm steering clear of the tablets this year, and just using my spray, last year doing the opposite I completely lost my sense of smell, it took until December for it to come back :-(

My allergies are in full bore too. Claritin doesn't seem to work for me so I'm taking a generic form of Bendadryl. I'm seriously allergic to black flies as well (and I live in the ottawa valley, sheesh).
Some years back when I was working for another theatre company, I met a wee girl of about 8 years whose parents had tattooed her FACE! I think of that poor child often.

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