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Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm still around and the bloody kitchen....

just been busy and didn't think I had anything really to talk about.

Dh has been off this past week and has spent most of the week in the kitchen .  What started out as me wanting new counter tops has turned into a major kitchen reno!!!  When we took out the counter tops there was no drywall behind them, or behind the cupboards themselves.  So we decided to pull out the bottom cupboards and get them sent away to be professionally painted. This is the colour we are having them painted.  That was a cheaper alternative than having to install new kitchen cupboards, as remember, all we wanted to do is replace the counter tops; so hadn't budgeted any money for a full kitchen reno.  The kitchen cupboard with the blue tablecloth on it would not go through any of the door openings at all.  So the end was pulled off that needs painting along with the doors and they went with the rest of the cupboards.

Where the hole in the floor is, underneath that we found some rotting wood.  So that has all been replaced and sorted out and we found some "new" wood for the hole in the floor that matches the rest of the floor.  All the electrics have had to be replaced as they were wrong.  The plumbing has had to be replaced.  New pieces of wood have had to be installed to make the wall straighter, so when we install the counter top it will fit properly.  All new insulation has had to be installed, along with a proper vapor barrier.  Then new drywall .  The window ledge is having to be replaced as that had rotten wood on it.  Then of course everything was covered in mice dropping...........icky, icky, icky.

Once I get the cabinets back, hoping for the end of next week, we'll get them installed and I am hoping by August/September to be able to have the upper cabinets taken down and have them sent away to be refinished.  When we take down the uppers we know we are in for a lot of trouble again, so again poor dh will be spending his vacation in September in the bloody kitchen again.  We went up to the place on Friday to pick out new hardware; even that was an issue and we were there for an hour trying to sort that out.  Everything the guy we bought the house off has touched is an issue it seems.

Meanwhile I have been trying to keep up with the grass outside, as it's on bloody steroids and is growing as fast as I am cutting it.  There is so much to do outside it's crazy, plus I am super tired and still not 100% well at the moment.  Keep thinking I need to go back to the doctors but keep putting it off.

We did have a day out on Tuesday to St. Jacobs and on Thursday we did some running around, so it hasn't been all work and no play.  We are off to dd today, so that will also make a nice change, and are at ds tomorrow for a BBQ; so a lot of family time also this weekend.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

For anyone in the Alliston/Barrie/Orangeville, Ontario area, this is the place we are getting our kitchen cabinets refinished, they do beautiful work and we will be using them for other things as well.  The do custom kitchens and all/any wood work.

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One little job can lead to a big job at times. The kitchen is going to be wonderful. Will you pull the top cupboards out once you get the bottoms back? Enjoy the nice weather.

Now I am really afraid! I know this will be the same when we do our kitchen.We can compare moaning notes!
Jane x

That looks like an awful lot of work Gill. I hope you've got plenty of food in your freezers and you're really going to miss those worktops. However, it will be worth it in the end. I sit here in the midst of decorating my bedroom. Yesterday I couldn't even get into my wardrobe so had to sleep in my petticoat! I sympathise with you. Please do the same for me.

Yep, I think that is one of the reasons Colin doesn't really want to do anything in this old house. Every little thing turns into a nightmare. Everything is lath and plaster here so it is even a bigger mess. Just remember the beautiful kitchen you will have when you are done.

As much as you'd rather spend your vacation time and money on other things, it's great that you are dealing with this, and you'll appreciate the results! You even get something out of it that is visible (new counter top and painted cupboards) - that's better than having to spend big bucks on invisible repairs like plumbing and waterproofing.

What a mess--I feel for you. We just replaced sink and faucet. I really needed to replace counter but we didn't. Roger has surgery week after next and the faucet just needed to be done before that.

spring has definitely sprung! Good stuff but you tire we out looking, I hate anything practical so I'm jealous to hell!

Well you are in a heck of a pickle for sure!! The kitchen will be beautiful soon and all this mess will give you a good laugh in a few years. You know you can't have your princess Grand in an ugly kitchen, right!! Blame it on the grands at all times! Ha

The place I just bought is an upper duplex from 1927. I'm very happy that the people who are there now have done most of the renovations already, namely the kitchen and bathroom. I know there is still some old knob and tube wiring hiding in walls and floors, BUT I AM NOT TOUCHING IT!!! It would entail ripping the entire place apart and since the breaker boxes are already up to date and everything attached to them is fine, the knob and tube will just continue sleeping where it is :)

What a can of worms has been opened. Home reno never, ever goes smoothly. There is always at least one unexpected issue. Be patient, this, too, will end.

Oh boy, your post and photos sure brought back some reno nightmares for me. Our downstairs bathroom turned into a monumental can of worms a couple of years back. Everything had to be torn back to the floor joists and rough plumbing. A job that started with a new vanity and tub surround....

Oh gosh, poor you, such a simple job has turned so major. At least when it's all over and done with you'll know exactly what lurks in your kitchen - all good things.

Other folks DIY is surely a recipe for disaster.

Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done. Hugs

Looking forward to seeing it all finished it will look great i am sure.

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