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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Look what I got for Mother's Day from dd and hubby:

Yep, they're expecting their first baby at the end of November.  Honestly I was, and I think I still am in total shock.  I just wasn't expecting it, so it came as a complete surprise for for dh and I.  She goes for her first ultrasound tomorrow and she will find out the sex of the baby at 21 weeks.  My bet is on it being a boy; then I always say that!!!  This baby will also be the first great-grandchild on my side of the family.  Also Our little Princess  and dd's little one will both being going to school at the same time, despite Our little Princess  being born in January and the new little one in November.

Dd is well and hasn't had much in the way of morning sickness; mind you that is a blessing as when she has had it, she burst a blood vessel in her eye from vomiting that hard.  I had pretty easy pregnancies, so I would expect the same with dd.  When dd told Our little Princess  parents, they drove up to congratulate them and brought up the baby's first outfit.  Our little Princess  is 4 months old today.

Our little Princess , her parents and grandparents are heading to Mexico next week on vacation.  Our little Princess  even has a bikini!! I can't wait to see the photos of her in her bikini!!

So now I have another baby shower to organize this year!!!  Luckily I will have the capable help of dd best friend "K," who is a Martha Stewart wannabe.......yes you are "K!"  I am going to be a pro at organizing baby showers and sewing baby quilts before long!!!

So to all the mother's out there and you don't have to be a mother of a human, animals apply as children also, a Happy Mother's Day to you all.

Dd sent me this survey to fill out and it is really interesting and pretty quick:


What you have to do is say whether or not each person is smiling genuinely or its a fake smile.  I ended up getting 16 out of 20 right.  Let me know if you do it.

20 super stars left a comment:

Congratulations and how lovely that they will grow up go ether and go to school together. Christmas is getting more expensive! Xxx

Congratulations Grandma to be!!!

Are we taking bets on the sex????

WooHoo, congrats to you!!!! What a wonderful surprise. Happy Mothers Day

Now that's a great Mother's Day present!

Now that is a perfect Mother's Day present.:) Oh I be that is the cutest little bikini:) Happy Mother's Day Gill. Hug B

Come on granny Gill,get knitting!!
Congrats to DD and hubby...have they told O and R yet??
Jane x

You could not have had a better Mother's Day then this wonderful news, Gill. xx Your DD must have had such a difficult time keeping it from you until now..how exciting.

Awww!!! Best Mother's Day ever!! Congrats to your family, Gill!!! :)

What a beautiful Mothers Day surprise. Such a cute way she sprung it on you.
Now you will really have to get busy on your quilting and knitting.

Congratulations Gill. Just like buses, they're all coming along at once. My next one is due soon. Lovely that the little cousins will grow up together. Don't they take the little ones in in staggered timings in Canada. In England, Nitara, born in January, so long as it is before a certain date in January, would start in January. If after that date, she would start at Easter. What is your system over there? Is it just once a year?

Congratulations to you all. How exciting , and just in time for lots of Christmas spoiling ,lol .XXX

I did the survey , and got 14 out of 20 , so not too bad .X

No greater gift is there? You are truly blessed! Have a great day!

Congrats to you. Your family is growing fast!

What a great gift :) Congratulations!! And happy Mother's Day!

What lovely news Gill. Congratulations! :)

What wonderful news for you and your family! Congratulations :)

That was also a fun little test you posted, I got 17 out of 20!


(I got 17 out of 20--but wasn't as sure of myself as I thought I would be)

Congratulations! how blessed you are

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