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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What do I get myself into?

Cindy is having an exercise challenge doing squats.  Seems easy enough for me, I think.

Now granted I have to look up how to do a squat.  So of course go to exercising for dummies and figure out a chair squat seems the way to go: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-do-chair-squats.html  Now due to the fact I am having trouble just breathing at the moment, I may have to wait a day or two before starting this.

I did some grocery shopping on Tuesday and Paid $48.70 for this little lot:

and $3.19 for this.

I ended the month going slightly over budget, spending $304.77, but did have savings of $103.76. May is a five Friday month, so not sure if I can stay under the $300, we'll have to see.

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At least you didn't do squat today if you were out shopping. Hope the puffers do their job quickly.

how come they never picture normal size women doing these exercises. looks interesting and worth trying!

I'v been squating around in the yard, OUCH Not sure if that counts. Feel better soon

The first 50 (standing squats) were easy peasy...I wonder if I'll get to 250?
Jane x

Oooo - I'm going to try too. Here goes....

That's excellent - I would join you, but....I prefer tea and cake :p

Great deals, Gill!! :) Good luck on the squats.. haha! They work, but you're gonna be sore! ;)

I will pass on that challenge, as I am doing gardening squats.
Looking at the price of your Cling Wrap. I purchased a 3000ft X 12in
roll at Costco for about $12.00 eight years ago, (wrote the start date on the box) and just finished it in Feb 2013, didn't skimp on using it either. Got another but had to pay $15.00, wrote the date on the box again just to see how long this one would last.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

May still has 31 days in it.

I have faith you'll do fine on your food budget.

Coffee is on

Great job on the groceries. It is hard isn't it!

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