Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patience Corners.......

That's the name of a quilt block, the instructions are here.

Back in October of 2009 I joined a block of the month club at a quilt store which has now closed.  I am in a sewing mood at the moment and decided to complete the last block of the month from that club.  I just never got around to doing the last block for some reason.

This block has turned out to be one of my favourite blocks I have ever done.  I had done two colours of blocks over the prior eleven months, so did both again on Wednesday.  I ran out of red material and remember having to plead with everyone at the club to see if they had any scraps at home and one lady came up with a tiny piece.  

Both photos have been turned around by photobucket, so sorry about that.  However I wanted to show you both blocks as although they are the same pattern they look so different, don't you think?

The black and white block I had made a start on quilting each block as I go.  I have of course forgotten how to do that now, so will have to hunt out the instructions on that, if I can find them!!!

The weather is just plain bloody miserable with the snow and the cold weather, so it's a good time to hibernate and sew if you ask me!!

Love this song reminds me of Dirty Dancing and Patrick!!!  Great way to start the day!!

By the way, every morning I sit down and think today is the day I am going to catch up with blogs,........then something happens.........hoping to catch up with everyone today!


Lena said...

Nice job! But these are definitely patience corners :)

j udy said...

I love both of them but the first has all my favorite colors together! I wish is had the skill and patience to do that Its lovely

Debby said...

Gill they are beautiful!! Reminds me of stain glass windows

Jane and Chris said...

A woman of many talents!
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

The first is my fav !

Enie Dub said...

Great song! I love dirty dancing!!

Rose said...

I love that quilt have really been staying with that block a month club.

Right now I am stuck on how to quilt my current quilt.

I did finish my crumb quilt while away from blogging...I posted it a few days ago on Pics & Pieces.