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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gosh I'm tired amd a photo of our little Princess

Monday was another busy day.  I need to get a lot done this week.  I put the first coat of varnish on the stairs.  Yes it's stinky but it's not as bad as the stain.  My goal is to get three coats on this week.  I did a little bit of tidying up, as the place is still covered in dust (SIGH).  I got the baby quilt all quilted, so now have only the binding to do.  However I remembered I still have to sew together the block for my quilt club on Thursday.

I wanted to show you my newest "toy" 

Its that time of year when the cluster flies all wake up from their hibernation.  I find it hard work hauling my regular vacuum up the stairs every day, so I figured a hand held vacuum would do the trick.  This one is both an upright one and a handheld on and is quite compact.  And best of all cost a whopping $17!!!!

So far so good with it, just wish we didn't have to deal with the cluster flies period.

Our little Princess is two months old today.  I will be seeing her in person on Friday, so looking forward to that.  Doesn't she suit yellow?

Her face is really changing and she is more active as per her mother.

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Nitara is such a cutie and yes, she looks adorable in yellow. That vacuum is something I would be interested in. I am getting to the point when I find it a bit of a bind to carry my much heavier one upstairs.

Yes yellow does suit her. She looks adorable and is filling out nicely. Only two months now till my new grandbaby arrives!
I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the new 'toy'. I agree with you about lugging vacuum cleaners up and down the stairs. It gets harder as we get older!

Wow 2 months already! Yellow does suit Nitara nicely. I have a nice little Electrolux that is same idea, but thinking I might be needing a newer one soon. You are a busy gal.

Oh your little princess is indeed that. B

I just love the expression on her little face!
I've seen a couple of the cluster flies so far, really must get a cluster fly trap.
Jane x

That little sweetheart would look like a doll baby in anything she wears!! What a great treat you have to look forward to at the end of the week.

OMG...the Princess makes yellow look so regal!!! A Daffodil in living color...havent been in Blogland in a bit so am enjoying the visit~!

Ohhh!! Nitara is just the most beautiful little princess!! I love her outfit! :)

Oh, she's definitely a princess! So cute :))

Nitara is so cute...I would imagine she would look beautiful in any color.

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