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Sunday, March 3, 2013

As promised more our little Princess photos......

Our little Princess thinking about being a Ballerina.....
Our little Princess thinking about the upcoming tennis season...
Our little Princess laying on the kitchen table just relaxing!!
Our little Princess saying good morning, I just had the best dream ever........
She is now out of newborn clothes and into the 3 month ones.  She will be two months old on March 12th.

For those of you who asked, I am covering for someones vacation at work, so it's a temporary thing me working.

12 super stars left a comment:

She is so beautiful and looks just so happy to be alive!

She is an angel!! Love her sweet little outfits!!!

She is a real cutie, no wonder you sound such a proud granny xxxx

She is adorable - very huggable!

Sooo cute! And great photos her parents are sure to love!

Oooh, she's scrumptious and quite the actress already!
Jane x

Whata beauty she is, such a sweet little smile

Oh my goodness... I don't usually read your blog all that often, but I stopped by and I'm in awe of the very, very cute baby.

h, my she is simply adorable!

Beautiful girl! Her smile is absolutely delightful!

She is really growing. And, great job modelling the outfits!

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