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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Money Challenges.....

At the beginning of the year I started the 52 Week Savings Challenge, this is my sheet so far:

Hopefully you can see; if not I have been concentrating on the lower amount weeks.  I also seem to be ahead of the game for some reason?  I have crossed off 16 weeks and from what I can see we have only gone through 11 weeks of the year so far?  So I may use the next three weeks to put together the $52 and cross that week off.  Once we have paid off the mortgage it will be easier to pay off the larger weeks.  We are down to week 23 this coming Friday until we pay off the mortgage.

I am still doing the sealed pot challenge.  I only put 5, 10 and 25 cents in my pot, but it's feeling a bit heavier than it was at the beginning of the year.  I am dying to open it to count the money; don't worry I won't spend it if I do!!

My Christmas pot is looking healthy; if you remember I put $20 in there a week and already have $260 saved up.  My birthday pot fluctuates but have $140 in there and my "other" pot has $400 in there.  I am currently saving up that money for the wood for the Fall/Winter of 2013/14.  I did just take $150 out of there to pay for the tickets to the Art Gallery Fund raiser we always go to, and I took $20 out of the birthday pot as well to go towards paying for them.

All in all though I am keeping up with the challenges which is a blessing.

I have also brought in $1,100 for the bringing in an extra $2,013 into the household this year.  That includes working and earning money from surveys etc.  So well on my way to completing that challenge as well.

My Amazon account is also up to $125 all due to Swagbucks, so that too is looking healthy.  My goal for the year was $250 in there, so already half way there with that.

Are you participating in any money  saving challenges?

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Yes we are only at Week 11; I think you had said you had combined a couple of weeks when you had extra, had you not? I do not think our sealed pot is going as well as last year so far from it's weight. Oh if we only had 23 weeks left on our mortgage. Good for you !

I am the worlds worst spendthrift...I need serious help in that department...you are teaching me a lot when I am not running up the road to doctors and hospitals with Mac...been a bad few months but there is light at the end of the tunnel...hope all is well with you

You must be very proud of yourself for such saving success! Kudos!

Nice job on your goals!! I really wanted to do the 52 week challenge but it's a little too much for this year. Maybe, in 2014.

I'm doing the sealed pot challenge. I have an actual sealed pot, and a virtual one which I deposit in through online banking. They're both coming along nicely!

I retired early due to health reasons and don't bring in much at all and Papa still works full time and he gets good profit shares from work twice a year so that goes into our savings and any money we make from our little photography business on the side . Our mortgage is small compared to most but with one person working full time it is taking us a bit longer to pay it off ! One day it will happen and we will be mortgage free ! Good luck and have a good day !

My sealed pot includes Canadian Tire money as well. I know only cents worth but money all the same for renos. I did my challenge a little different and put in however much I could that particular week and crossed it off. I am on the 11th week but have some of the larger amount already crossed off. You have some great challenges there Gill

You are going to be rich by the end of the year! Well done on saving so much x

You're doing well Gill! Lets just say that my life is one long money challenge! I don't mean that in a bad way - just that we have always and probably always will live as frugally as possible.

I love reading about your 'pots'...I don't really have pots, but I stick back in my checkbook...for birthdays and Christmas. I have did that for years. I write 'Save' in the register and then deduct the amount.

Using "pots" sounds way more fun than my system - I just keep savings for all purposes in the same bank account, and keep a list of the amounts that are "earmarked" for each project!

no official money saving things going on--a general pay bills ahead and pay them off quickly mentality going on--we have one credit card to pay off and we are remodeling (MONEYPIT!)

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