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Friday, March 15, 2013

Another year old, but not wiser!!

It's that time of year again, another birthday, another year added.  Not sure if it's just me, but birthday's don't really excite me like they used to?  It's just another day in my books.  Granted today should be good as I have Our little Princess  and her family coming over for lunch.  Then on Saturday we are down at dd with son-in-law, ds and his girlfriend for lunch, so that should be good.  The presents I have received so far is a magazine subscription to Easy Cook from my mam which is a perfect gift as far as I am concerned.  Though granted the April issue wasn't made with me in mind, as if the recipes don't include dried fruit they are spicy and I don't like either.

From dh, I got new underwear and a pair of yoga pants.  Don't panic I haven't taken up exercising, I just like wearing the yoga pants!!  I of course had to go and pick those out as underwear is a personal thing and every brand fits differently I find.

This week's "Home of the Week," is on the market for $3.5 million.  For that you get a TWO bedroom house in someones back yard!  Yes it's advertised as a "Coach House," but it is still stuck in someones back yard and you have to pay over $700 a month in maintenance fees on top of that.........I'll pass!!

The "Condo of the Week," isn't bad at $795,000 compared to the home of the week.  I don't mind the way it's decorated and I love the kitchen.  I can see why you need a chair to sit down in, in the closet in the master bedroom, I too would be tired if I had to go through all those clothes!!!  Don't see the point of those busts sitting on those plinth's especially in the second bedroom, that's an accident waiting to happen when you get up in the middle of the night to go pee...........yes I'm old I need to go pee in the middle of the night!!!  I don't think the photos do this place justice,  I would also like to see outside of the building as well.

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Happy Birthday my friend. And by the way I am back......

Same here. I think it is just part of growing older. I still get excited in the run up to Christmas but as every other year we are on our own, it is 'just another day'.

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your lunch with that little doll baby

Happy Birthday Gill. I feel the same about birthdays - they interest J and I so little that we don't bother with cards or presents for each other.

Happy Birthday Gill!!!!
Hope you have a great day.

Love the condo,love the condo, love the condo,love the condo,love the condo!
Happy Birthday,friend...you will ALWAYS have the consolation that you are younger than me!!
Jane xxxxx

Happy Birthday Gill! I know what you mean about birthdays. Mine was in February, but we've decided to put off celebrating until April - combining it with my mom's. My idea that. Good health and happiness; those are the best gifts we can ask for.

Almonte, Ont.

Happy Birthday, Gill. I feel the same about birthdays, just another day.

A very happy birthday. Nothing like new underwear to cheer you up!

Happy Birthday, Gill. Enjoy your time with the baby and family.

Oh Happy Birthday ! I to like wearing Yoga pants and leggings . My B-day is in 10 days and yeah it is just another day to me to as I get older lol ! Have a good weekend !

Happy Birthday, Gill! Mine is looming, so I hope it's as nice as your's sounds! x

Best wishes for your Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Gill! I feel the same as you about birthdays. Mine came and went two weeks ago and it has long been forgotten. We didn't do any celebrating and that was ok with me. It sounds like you have had a lovely day!

Happy Birthday March Baby friend I am certain it was a special one with Nitara coming today for lunch. You had me there with the Yoga pants, I thought you had turned a new leaf with your birthday ! Ha ! xx

Good grief, and I thought UK houses were expensive!!

Happy Birthday Gill. You are only one day older than yesterday.

happy birthday again our gill - still significantly older than me still !
what this year ? - stannah stairlift and zimmer frame ........ he he he !

Even if you're not excited I still wanted to say Happy Birthday. Hope you have a lovely day xx

Happy Birthday from one Gill to another (I'm also a Piscean, mine was last week). I don't get excited about birthdays either, in fact I told my family not to waste money on cards as they're a rip off (they didn't listen though!)x

Happy birthday - hope you've had a lovely day.

Happy Birthday Gill! I don't get excited with birthdays either.

Happy Birthday...a little late of course. To be truthful, I never did get too excited about birthdays.

Didn't like the home either...and not in love with the Condo but it sure is better than a lot. It has a warm homey feeling to it for me. So sure would not mind it.

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