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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A couple photos........

I was lucky enough to have two birthday cakes on the weekend.  This one our little Princess' mother made for me.  It's a Hot Milk Cake and the recipe is from here.

This one dd made and is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and it was really, really good.
Our little Princess was all in black on Friday(one of her Indian grannies is in the corner of the photo):

Here she is all bundled up ready to go home:

One of the things I did on Monday was stitch my latest block for the Quilting Club, it's called Indiana Puzzle.  I have never done a square in a square block before:

Finally we have a starling with a broken/damaged foot hanging around.  If I am supposed to do something please let me know?

This is the daughter of one of the guys at work singing. She is still in High School I think, so around 15 or 16 years of age. She is really good. I was singing along to this one, for some strange reason I didn't sound the same???

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Both cakes look delicious. Nitara looks so cute and cuddly. They are just wonderful at that age. :)

Lucky duck with two homemade cakes! I love the photo of Nitara all bundled up with her sweet little heart lips pursed up.

Happy Belated Birthday! You can never have too much cake! Love little Nitara...was a sweet baby.

If the bird is behaving normally...eating,flying,able to hop on one leg etc then it may be an old injury or a birth defect that the bird has learned to live with.If not, then you need to find a rehabber. Call your Ministry of Natural Resources Office to find the phone number of wildlife rehabilitator in your area. The large centres such as Toronto Wildlife won't admit the bird because it is a starling..smaller centres are most likely to admit the bird.
Jane xxx

Happy late birthday. Your granddaughter is cute as a button!

Oh she is so beautiful Grandma what a gift that is in itself. Cake mmmm that looks delicious both of them.
Love the quilt block. B

Oh, my Goodness...Nitara is so cute.

And that voice....what a voice! I get so excited when I hear someone like that. Maybe because I can't carry a tune in a bucket and I would so love to be able to sing.

Happy belated birthday.Those cakes look delicious.
What an adorable grandaughter.

What lovely cakes and your grandaughter is adorable.

Nit area is adorable! Those are delicious looking cakes too.

Lovely cakes - wow that carrot cake looks huge! and Nitara is a little doll. I love her clothing in that first picture.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Nitara is too cute in black! Adorable

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