Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More sewing done and a problem

Managed to get three pairs of trousers mended, finally!!  All the machine stitching is done on the quilt, just the hand sewing to complete, will show you a photo of it on Thursday, very pleased with it.  I also got my block of the month sewn.  Left it to last minute this month, as the meeting is on Thursday.

When I saw this month's pattern I must admit to being very intimidated as it looks complicated.  Anyway turned out to be pretty simple as long as you followed the instructions.  It's called Whirlwind, and I think that an appropriate name as there is a lot of movement in the block I think.
I am slightly off on one of my main points, otherwise I am very happy with it.  Colour a bit *itty though this month!!

Now my problem.  We have a tiled counter top in our kitchen and in my personal opinion I think they tend not to be hygienic especially in the grout area.  As I want a new kitchen eventually I thought I'd look into seeing how much a piece of granite would be for the island.  It's around 27 inches by around 58 inches, or around 13 square feet.

We popped into a granite place on the weekend, and looked at samples and the lady said she had a piece of this nice granite that should could do a deal with us and it had a lot of "flow" in it, so when we eventually redo the rest of the kitchen this would be a feature piece of counter top.  I get the quote on Tuesday and it's for the piece of granite with all the edges rounded (very basic), we will pick up and install ourselves, with taxes around $1000.

I makes sense to get a nice piece of granite as we can redo the rest of the kitchen in a plainer piece of granite, or quartz or Corian, but $1000 for just the island?  I was thinking about getting a piece of laminate made, as I know a place that would do that, but had my heart set on something more durable.  

So does anyone know if there are any places in the Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, Barrie area where I can source out some cheaper granite.  Should say she was charging us $65 a square foot.


Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. When I get back to the states in Aug. I'm going to start to do the things in yours. Thanks

Debby said...

Seems like a pretty good deal on the granite to me. It would be nice to be able to do a little of the kitchen at a time to spread the spending out. Cute block BTW

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

YIKES ! What about checking out the Home Show? is there a Spring Home Show? sometimes the vendors offer a great deal when at the shows?

~Carla~ said...

Love the block, Gill!! It looks awesome! No help on the granite, sorry... :( Hope you find a good deal though!!

Anonymous said...

We used a place called StoneWorx near Bolton. I live in Barrie. You pick your colour then go outside to all the granite and pick your slab. I can't remember the price but it was via a large home Reno store. I would go straight to them and skip the middle man (ie depot store Lol)


j udy said...

We were lucky last year and managed to find one at a habitat for humanity store. It wasn't the color I wanted but I could live with it. I still have the original sink in my kitchen from 1941, it is kind of like a farm sink. I used to hate it but love it now. Anyway do they have any stores like habitat near you? Might be worth a shot