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Monday, March 4, 2013

My latest treasure........

and it is a little beauty and quiet different.  I was lucky to "win" this tea/coffee and dessert set for twelve this week.  It's Korosten Porcelain from Ukraine and the pattern is Symphonia  I have sent an email to the person at the link to see if I have dated it correctly, as mine is stamped with either I 50 C or I 53 C.  It's in great condition, with no chips and just a little wear and tear on the gilt and lustre.  I paid $35 for the set.

They are demitasse cups, are so very small and as I am not keen on espresso, we'll just serve regular coffee in them.

These will make lovely little dessert bowls, for a chocolate mousse.
The handled bowl is a flower bowl/vase and there doesn't seem to be a top for the sugar bowl either?

I have four books review posts published today if anyone is interested, click on this link.

12 super stars left a comment:

What a beautiful set. I called Hubby to take a look at the treasures you find. He said to tell you that he is so jealous!! His jaw dropped when he saw the set. Beautiful sets like that here are sold at a premium.

I love the set! The lines of the bowls, pot and cupas are so different. I hope you use it all the time and not save it for special times. Every day is special.

What a gorgeous set, Gill. You must have lots of China Cabinet space as I would never know where to put such a beautiful set, or have anyone to serve from it for that matter. Hope your week goes well.

Beautiful set. I love the serving pieces.

Oh wow!! What an amazing find!! :) They are just lovely!! I read your book reviews and am glad you enjoyed them as I chose a few of them as well!

Beautiful!! It reminds me of a set my Grandma used to have...

OH how pretty!!! Anything you serve will taste wonderful on these, and what a deal!!!!

Beautiful china Gill. You'll have such fun washing it all and putting it carefully away. (I'm not being sarcastic here, I know I enjoy fiddling about with my china.) I like how you've got so much of it. You've even got a china tray for the coffee jug. A bargain!

What a great bargain hunter you are. xxx

These really are beautiful!

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