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Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally got around to cleaning the oven on Sunday

and it looks good.  I have been going to do it for a while now, but because it takes three hours to clean I need to do it on a weekend when the hydro is cheap.  

I also made a half hearted attempt to clean out the toaster oven but ran out of Easy Off Oven Cleaner.  i can't scrub with vigor anymore as it kills my wrists.

This week's "win" at the silent auction is a W.H. Grindley dish in the Mersey pattern.  Dated some where between 1891 and 1914 as per the marking on the back.  I over paid at $20 but love the piece.  Though because of the lead content I will have to be careful what I use it for.

I thought I'd share a couple more photos from Saturday's Home Show.  The photo below shows some of the art work from a lovely lady called Margo from Bramblewood Studios in Muskoka.  Her work is gorgeous and can be hung outside.  Here is a link to her website which showcases some of her work.

I was fascinated with the next company and the work they do.  I entered a draw to win the fountain below, and if you like the company on Facebook, you can win the fountain in a bucket which is directly above the fountain.  The company is Atlas Landscape Inc and they are in Newmarket.  They have lots of photos on their site.
I fell in love with these mushrooms, they were stunning.

The mushrooms were part of this water feature, which we were assured by one guy is super easy to do yourself..........

9 super stars left a comment:

Wow, I didn't know ovens were that colour, I thought they were black with soot collected in the middle ( can you tell it's a job I hate!!!). I love the artwork x

Lovely Mersey dish - great find!

Chris made a pond and waterfall like the one in the picture at our last house, I loved it. Here, the raccoons would be in it.
Jane x

Oh dear you just reminded me that I need to clean my oven as well. Not today though not today.

I hear what you mean with the elbow grease. Nice photos. Enjoy your week & thanks for catching up with me March Baby x

ok that's award winning sparkly!

Gill; does that oven cleaner have a harsh smell to it? I've just cleaned my oven a week ago, but I used a "fume free" oven cleaner (HA! what a lie that is!), I got a wicked headache that lasted for 2 days, and that was with our windows open allowing fresh air in..

I kept the light on in my oven for a few hours, cus it pleased me to see a shiny oven haha

Wow, I love everything you showed here...love your 'win', love the stuff at Bramblewood studios...love the fountains...

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