Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saving Money with Groupon, Swagbucks, Coupons

I got the info below in an email.  I have bought a number of deals from Groupon as I find them good value and of interest.  For Christmas I got my dear friends snow shoeing lessons from Groupon.  We got a great deal for a trip to Johnston's Cranberry Marsh and I do believe, there is another deal for them for there.  So take a peek and maybe you might find something of interest for you in your area.  If you do sign up, could you do it under my referral link?  I would really appreciate it, please and thanks.

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Dear Gillian,
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For those of you who are into Swagbucks, I have found the easiest way to accumulate Swagbucks is if you have a laptop, have it on Swagbucks tv when you are sat down, reading, watching tv etc, and have it continually going.  My total is coming up nicely and you will see I am ready to cash in again for another $5 gift card.

Some of you were asking where I get coupons from.  Our local paper has flyers in them certain times of the year.

I order coupons online, doesn't cost a cent and sometimes you can get really good ones.  At the moment on Websaver there is a coupon for $1.00 off two dozen eggs. is also a place where I order coupons from, and Go Coupons has a lot of Royale paper product coupons.   I use them when Shopper's has toilet paper on sale. 

By the way I ordered more coupons while looking up the sites!!  The cheese coupon I received as I purchased Silani's sliced cheese and there was no paper in between the slices so it was one big lump.  I called the company to tell them and they sent me a $5 money off coupon.  It doesn't hurt to call the 1-800 number on products that you use and like and ask them if they have any coupons they could send you.  Also if you do have a problem with a product call the company and tell them more often than not they will compensate you with either Free Product Coupons or money off coupons.

I also swear by a couple of sites that let you know about deals in Canada.  Smart Canucks and Mrs. January are my favourite and I subscribe to both.  Although I am not a fan of Facebook, you can find some good deals on there as well. 

I know some of these ideas are no applicable to everyone, calling companies is something everyone can do regardless of where they live.


cathy@home said...

some great bargains given me some great ideas.

Christy said... is another site I like to keep an eye on. It often shares great deals.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Gill, I am not sure if Swagbuck would be any benefit to me where I live, however I do well on getting coupons & free samples from Canada Free Samples on Facebook. I am always quite impressed when you mention the coupon savings you have gained, however again I do not have the same stores available in our area. Great Savings !

Maggie said...

Some good saving there!
I get emails from Groupon too, although sometimes it's worth checking that you are getting a good deal, some of the restaurant deals are not so good as you might first think.
I havent got round to signing up with swagbuks yet but i will.

(btw, you spurred me on to try £50 weekly shopping and Friday i managed to still have £11 left :-) Mainly because i used freezer stuff. The money went into my sealed pot :-)

Have a good week x

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Isn't the world changing, I barely cope. Never mind, eh!

EG Wow said...

Thanks so much, Gill, for sharing your coupon ideas. I knew about Websaver but will now try your other "secrets." (Yah, I KNOW they really aren't secrets.)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Ah, I would love to utilize Groupon! It's not worth it for me, as all the opportunities for savings are down south. And if I could find coupons for things that I actually ate or used, I'd be all over them, but I'm VERY particular about my cleaning products and 90% of food-related coupons I don't use because we either a) don't get that particular name brand here, or b) I don't eat it. I still peruse the coupon sites regardless because you never know what will pop up. I love hearing about all the savings people get!

saving for travel said...

Wow! Shame you're not here in the uk offering similar advice.

Coupons must save you alot.

I love your approach Gill.

Sft x

Evelyn said...

thanks for the hints! I liked websavers and found some good deals, signed up for groupon (sorry I tried clicking on your referral code and it wouldn't work) but the nearest city to me is a 4 hour drive. I already look at but rarely find anything there. every little bit helps!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I never thought of calling the toll free number on the item.
Thanks for the tip.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I get Groupon e-mails all the time and need to pay better attention to them, because I keep hearing about the deals that they offer. THANKS for the reminder to get with it and do that. :-)

I hope your weekend is ending on a good note, and you're doing well!