Thursday, November 24, 2011

View from Molly's Window

Back in October I mentioned in this post how Jane was starting a weekly meme over at the Maple Syrup Mob called A View from My Window posting every Thursday.  Well it officially started last week, but I didn't participate.  This week I am all organized and here are Molly's views from her window yesterday.  Everything was covered in ice as we had, had freezing rain overnight.

View to the south:
Picture 2023

View to the north:
Picture 2025

and finally view to the west:
Picture 2024

everything is looking very bare at the moment and although I don't want to mention the "s" word, it feels as though something is going to happen today, as the sky looks very full!!

Busy, busy day today running, here there and everywhere.  Enjoy your Thursday.


Denise said...

Beautiful views Gill, love the look of the countryside. This is a great sounding meme and I would like to participate it sometime. Have a great day, we're visiting family for Thanksgiving and I took my turn on the computer line to send this ;)

~Carla~ said...

Molly has a lovely view! I bet she's just waiting on some poor unsuspecting squirrel to cross her territory! ;) lol!

Sandi McBride said...

Molly is so happy to be looking at all that from INSIDE the house! She is lovely and warm and I am always so happy to hear from her!

Karine said...

I've always found that Molly has a lovely view, no wonder she adopted that window!

Jane and Chris said...

While Molly was posing for the 'view from her window' was Gill chasing the squirrels?
Jane x

Maggie said...

Molly has some great views :-)

Unfortunately the only views i would be able to share would be a garden wall outside the kitchen window and a view of other houses from the front of the house, lol Enjoyed seeing yours though

simplicityinthemaking said...

Your view is fantastic! Frosty mornings we are having isn't it?

The Witch said...

Seems Molly has the best views from every direction.
I love seeing all these pictures and what is happening on the weather front in your area of the world.

Canadian Saver said...

Oh I love seeing Molly's little head as she looks outside :-)

We got 20 cm last night... oh joy!

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

So sorry you had all gotten the freezing rain down your way; I am certain we will be getting our share of the same before it is all said & done. Very bare outside our windows here as well. Was surprised again this year, as last, there had been buds on the lilac bush last week ! Hello to Molly from the Just North of Wiarton "pack" !

beagleAnnie said...

I love to see Molly. She is so lucky to enjoy such nice views.