Friday, November 18, 2011

Back again..............

and back to normal, well sort of.  As what exactly is normal?

It's been a heck of a month so far.  What with dd wedding, which went off without a hitch and was just lovely.  To having my mam, step-father and brother here for nearly three weeks.  Of course that visit was made stressful with my step-father going into hospital for three days.

They arrived back in Britain yesterday morning and my step-father got to see his doctor later that day and she has put in a request for him to go and see the cardiologist.  He will need a stent put in, as the pain he is still experiencing is due to one of the blockages.  Of course like most men (you ladies out there will understand this) he never listens and despite being told to take it easy he hasn't and isn't.  So only time will tell what's going to happen next with him.

Took Molly back to the vet's to see about the couple of lumps and she said they are in the lymph nodes and are a little smaller than they were.  So we are going to take the wait and see approach and I'll pop back into the vets again in the New Year.  Mind you Molly is in the "dog house," at the moment, and is suffering and getting no sympathy from me!!!

My mother bought four mini packs of chocolate turtles, I think there will only be around 4 chocolates per box.  Anyhow she had them in a plastic bag in their bedroom.  We went out and Molly went snooping.  She ate the first box in the bedroom, carefully taking them out of the box and unwrapping them.  The next box she took down to the bottom of the stairs.  Then she thought she would get comfortable with the third box and opened and ate them in front of the fire.  By then she must have decided she was full, but thought she should "bury" the individual chocolates around the house to snack on later!!

She did have the runs but really only the one time.  She still managed to eat her supper that night, despite her stomach being bloated.  She is now pooping normally but it does have candy wrappers in amongst it!!!  I couldn't be mad at her, but I refused to give her the bone I had bought that day for her.  I put it in the drawer and she now keeps going to the drawer as she can smell it!!!  She's a character that Molly!!

So now the house is all quiet.  I got up on Thursday morning and came down stairs and thought I wonder if my mam had put the kettle on for a cup of tea.  Both dh and I are pooped though as it feels as though it has been none stop for a while now.  Plus the stress of dealing with the hospital and insurance was the icing on the cake as they say. 

Our plan is to take things easy up until Christmas to wind down and hibernate.  I still haven't made a start on my Christmas shopping yet.  I am up to $56 in my Christmas food pot which should no doubt pay for the Christmas Day lunch, but want to add another $24 to it to be on the safe side.  I need to clean the house from top to bottom as well. Oh and get back into my blogging again.  I feel as though I haven't blogged in months.

I hope to start visiting and commenting on everyone's blog starting this weekend as well to catch up with what you have all been up to.


~Carla~ said...

Naughty Molly!! lol! Can't believe she did that!! She's lucky all she got was the runs! Eek! Hope things settle down for you, Gill! :)

Rose said...

Molly reminds me of my friend's friend makes home made jerky and had a gallon zip-loc bag filled with once and another time part of a bag...the first time I think one of her grand kids had left it laying on an end table or something and Brandy ate it. I think when she ate the full bag, she got it off the counter...which is just not something Brandy ever did...oh, and another time I think she got a bag of M&M's...all three times it had horrible effects of her.

I bet your house seems really quiet now that everyone is gone.

I am having a hard time finding stuff to blog about...

Sandi McBride said...

I've been a bad blogging friend this month too...glad we seem to be rearing our heads at the same time! Poor poor Molly, I hope her tummy feels better soon...she is a lucky girl, all that chocolate could have been very bad! Hope your Stepfather's stent surgery goes well and that they do it sooner rather than later! Any pics of the wedding or do I need to go back further...I'm a lazy cuss...

Jane and Chris said...

I feel in limbo right now,jet lag doesn't help, nor does the flipping snow. I'm taking it easy until the weekend!
Jane x
Ps Dear Molly...Gill loves you really..try the sad eyes know it works!
Jane xxx

Niki said...

It's hard to separate a girl and her chocolate, even if the girl is a

Do take a nice recovery period. After each of our children's weddings it took about a month to feel "normal" again.

have a restful weekend,

Denise said...

Goodness, what an exhausting month, full of joy, full of worry and a little of 'you've got to be kidding me Molly!" I have to be honest, I had a chuckle about Molly and the chocolate, even though I know it's so bad for dogs and I'm glad she's okay. Hope everything else sorts itself out with her, and obviously hope your step-dad will be okay too. Glad you'll be taking a bit of a rest until after Christmas. I think you deserve it.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Sorry it had to be at poor Molly's expense,and but I very much enjoyed the "belly laugh" I had surrounding her chocolate incident. She must have been in sheer Heaven for the time you had been gone. Happy the chocolate didn't further compromise her health issues, as dogs & chocolates don't mix, but I suppose dogs don't understand this ... Not too far off until Christmas will be here. I am just thinking about getting some baking supplies made into a list. Happy Weekend to you, Gill.

Karine said...

Your story about Molly made me laugh! Poor girl, I hope she's feeling better!

Enjoy your downtime, you certainly have earned it!

Piece by Piece said...

Molly is very naughty, I understood that chocolate was deadly for dogs, maybe she is like a cat and has nine lives.
Can't see any of your photo's of the wedding!!!! What's up with that?
Glad the wedding went well, your Step-dad is doing OK and everything on the home front is on the straight and narrow.
Just came back from a cruise, I know spoiled am I not, gotta get into the Christmas frame of mind and back to blogging also.