Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ate out at Springrolls........

on Wednesday and it was yummy.

This is what I had Pad Thai:

My brother had sweet and sour chicken, with rice:

My step-father had chicken cashew something or other with rice:

Dd had this, I can't remember what she said it was called:
My mother had a Japanese noodle with seafood:

Here is a link to the Springrolls Restaurant.  It was very filling, oh and my Pad Thai was very, very mild!!


angela said...

Looks very delish! and its always nice to have someone else cook and clean up.

Kaisievic said...

Oh Gill, Pad Thai is one of my favourite dishes in the world! Glad that you enjoyed it.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

beagleAnnie said...

I feel hungry to see your post. All dishes look delicious!

Rose said...

I was hungry before I came I am starving.

Cath said...

Looks lovely .

If I don't get chance to catch you before , wishing you all the best of luck for the wedding , hope you all have a lovely day , and can't wait to see photos.
Take care ,

Karine said...

I ate there with my aunt, her friend and my Sweetheart my firs night in Toronto during my last visit to my Sweetheart there that year, it was lovely!