Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You will be proud of me..........

I did 30 minutes of exercise on the Wii Fit.  Very proud of myself, I even managed to score a couple of more games for completing certain exercises.  I have discovered though my sense of balance is way off, as it keeps telling me I am "unbalanced."  What the Wii doesn't know is how "unbalanced" I really am!!!

I have fallen in love with the ski jump thing on there and am not too bad at that.  I did the basic running game, thought I was going to collapse while doing that, but I did manage to keep up with the fella in front of me though.

The music and talking irritates the heck out of Molly though.  She doesn't do a full howl but just whines while I have it on.

Also I was busy snow blowing today, as the bloody wind was blowing a gale and filled in the driveway again, so more exercise for me.

So I would say an hour of snow blowing + 30 minutes of being on the Wii = plenty of exercise for one day!!

How many Quality Street did I eat...........I could say none, but we all know that would be a big fat lie, now wouldn't we!!


Cathy said...

Great start Gill - I was once told even jogging up and down while the kettle is boiling will help - any little bit is the go

Star said...

Very commendable Gill. Interesting how Molly is reacting to the Wi. I can sympathise with her. Some of the adverts of on TV do the same to me. Perhaps I should howl when they come on?
Keep up the good work!
Blessings, Star

Jane and Chris said...

WOW! I think getting dressed up to go snowblowing is a workout in itself!
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

Sounds as if you are off to a great start, keep up the good work.
Thanks for your comment asking how my Cmas was. All three of my children helped each other and me through this difficult Cmas, Youngest dd invited me to her "in laws dinner" on Cmas Eve, and then I went to friends for a drink,(a virgin one for me--driving home). These friends, OH and I have known for 30 years or more. Cmas day, most of the famly was at my Grand daughter and new husbands' as they prepared their first turkey dinner as a married couple. Boxing Day ds and dil hosted a family dinner in Aurora. Monday visited my Mother.
New Years is going to be quiet I think.

Stephanie V said...

Well done, you. I'm sure the snow blowing counted for quite a bit. You wouldn't even need the Wii with that to do.

Funny that Molly doesn't like the Wii. I guess squirrel TV is more her speed.

mommanator said...

wonderful. so what is Quality Street?

DaxingCujo said...

Hi Gill!
Merry belated xmas to you, we were out of town for the holidays and it feels great to be sttled in again!
Great on the exercise--keep up the good work!! I though I do agree that dressing up for snowblowing alone should count!!)
Hope you have a wonderful new year and a better one than last!
best wishes to dd-congrads!!

Janet said...

Well done you ! I think I will finish my quality street before I start my exercise and diet regime-get rid of the temptation first !

Kim said...

That is a great workout Gil.

My DH's dog has decided he doesn't like to hear singing now. At first it was just when he heard opera - he would full out howl, now even hearing Christmas songs on TV set him off - time for him to go I say!

angela said...

Yeah! Well done you. As for the chocolates, well what is life without chocolates.
Keep going your balance will improve as your core strengh does. Can you tell I used to work at Curves. hehe

Lib said...

Great job! You will make your goal!;o)

Karine said...

Way to go Gill!!! I'm happy for you :o)

Clara said...

Good for you! I heard this game is lots of fun.