Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am in so much pain........

Now what did I do you ask?

On Wednesday I decided to put away some Christmas decorations, which then turned into a full blown lets remove the Christmas tree as well.  As I was putting everything down the old basement this time, I decided I had better tidy up that first.  So I tidied up there first which took ages, moving everything around.  While down there I decided also to put a couple of bags of salt in the water softener, the 20kg ones.

Then went upstairs to tackle the Christmas tree.  We have a 7 1/2ft tree and it weighs a ton.  The top and bottom piece isn't to bad and I got that down the basement okay.  However the middle piece is heavy and to be honest I wasn't sure who was going to win the battle me or the tree, as it wasn't happy about squeezing down those stairs!!  Anyhow I finally go it down there and then started the other battle of trying to squeeze all three pieces into the box.  After a few minutes of me battling with it and Molly watching with a strange expression on her face I finally got it all in the box and tied up.

I then had to move a huge Rubbermaid box of decorations down the same stairs.  I dragged that and slid them down the stairs so that wasn't too bad.  It wasn't until I had completed all this and the sweat was dripping from me that I began to feel sharp pains in my back.  So I quickly hoovered up, all the time the pain was getting worse.

Within a few minutes my back was throbbing and the pain down to my knees was just plain awful.  I took some liquid Advil and that didn't do much good.  I even went to lie down on the bed, but that didn't really help.  I struggled on until about 8pm and then gave in and went to bed.  As normally when I have done too much, a good nights sleep settles down my back.

I got up this morning and although I am not in sheer pain, my lower back and the outside of my legs to my knees are so sore.  The good thing is I don't have pain in my ankles or feet, as that would mean I have a bigger problem.  So I guess for the next day or two I am going to have to baby my back to see if it will settle down, and keep taking the liquid Advil to try and dull the pain.

Oh and another good thing, at least I got plenty of exercise as well, right?  By the way I do keep my Christmas Cards up until the 12th night, as it's bad luck to take everything down before then.

Someone asked yesterday what Quality Street are, they are a brand of chocolate from Britain which is very popular especially around Christmas time.  My favourite one is the Caramel Swirl, followed by the Strawberry Delight and Orange Creme.


LizBeth said...

Pain is a four-letter word! Maybe you'd better ease up on Christmas decos and exercise if you want to make it to the wedding at all!! You take good care of you, Liz

Jenn Jilks said...

I can empathize. I have back issues all the time.
Take it easy...

Cheers from Cottage Country!

Star said...

Oh poor you. I am also suffering with my back, caused I expect by the gardening and the kitchen decorating. I don't know when to stop. I know that pain! That pain and I are old enemies ever since an ironing board scissored on me once at my cousin's house. I reached to grab it and .....felt the most excruciating pain in my back, which radiated all down my arms and legs. Took six weeks to get over that. Now I live in expectation of the next time it happens.
REST Gill and I hope it soon gets better. Can you get Deep Heat cream over there? That helps me, so do aspirin.
Blessings, Star

Jane and Chris said...

I can't even lift the bags of salt. No wonder your back hurts;sounds like your sacro iliac if the pain goes to your knees.REST!!!!!!!
Jane x

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Goodness, Gill! I am sorry to hear you've hurt your back. Do take it easy the next couple of days. Perhaps some extra snuggle time with Molly would make you feel better.

Prayers for a speedy recovery, and hugs.

PS: Sorry it's been so long since I've visited.

Pom Pom said...

Oh no, Gill! I hope you DO baby your back today, drinking tea and eating chocolate as well. That will help!

Stephanie V said...

Maybe the Wii caught up with you, too. Oh, do be careful, Gill. Backs are such tricky things. I speak from experience after my fall.

Janet said...

I usually put my back out lugging our hoover up and down stairs-take it easy Gill for a few days-hope you feel better soon x

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Gill, I'm so sorry that you hurt your back! I do hope you're getting some rest and your back is feeling better!! If not, eat 2-3 pieces of chocolate every six hours for pain! ;-))

Karine said...

Oh dear me, sounds like you sciatic nerve :ox I have some mild issues with that too, mostly from too much sitting at my desk at work. Try icing it, I find that helps sometimes.

Kim said...

That Wii the day before probably didn't help you any either. Exercise is evil :P

The Quality street flavors you mentioned are always the last ones left in the tin - they get eaten in Feb if we are desperate for chocolate LOL

The Witch said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.
We don't want to have you going into the New Year like this.
Quality Street: YUM YUM I too also love the Strawberry and Orange creams. I have to dig deep and find them before Hubby. I also like the plain toffee circle ones. Hubby received a nice box of these from a very generous customer.

joolzmac said...

I do hope your back is better soon. Please take it easy.
We used to have Quality street sweets here but I haven't seen a tin around for a long time. My mum probably has a tin stashed away somewhere. I must ask her. best wishes for a lovely New Year,

Cheers - Joolz

Piece by Piece said...

Gill, so sorry about your back, do take care of it.
I have heard that along with Advil, Quality Street chocolates and complete bed rest are a good cure for many ailments, including sore backs.
All the best for 2011.

Clara said...

You poor thing! You sound like me...hard work, grin and bear it but then the pain! Sometimes it's just not worth it. Promise us that you will see your doc though, if it does not improve. Take care. Have an extra Quality Street for me since I decided this year to skip them altogether and have been thinking about them.