Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tightening your nuts and Christmas........

I learned a new word on Tuesday  RE-TORQUE  I went to get my oil changed on the car and my winter tires put on.  When I came to pay for it, there was a sentence highlighted to say I need to re-torque my wheels after 100km.  So Patricia the delightful lady who works at the garage was telling me, either dh could do it, or I could bring it back to the garage and they would do it.  All the while I am thinking I have no idea what so ever what she is talking about, and as I have just had the tires put on, why would I be bringing them back?

Anyhow, I said to her I had no idea what she meant, and so she went on to explain to me that how the wheel can come loose etc, etc.  So I finally clicked what she said and said to her:

"Oh you mean my nuts may need to be tightened!"

She said yes, but they don't like to use that expression with so many men around!

As it's the first day of December I will feature a YouTube Christmas song each day, now that I have figured out how to post them again!

I promised I would show you what I have been busy with.  It's actually nothing exciting, just a Christmas wall hanging.

The front:

The back:

I did very little quilting on it, but it does look lovely.
The cookie recipe for Tuesday was Aartis Ginger Cookie With Garam Masala; now must say that didn't really scream out yummy to me, so didn't bother with it.  If any of you do make it let me know how it tastes.


JohnD said...

Love your wall-hanging. Very nice (as usual).

Any guy will tell you that getting their nuts tightened is important as they don't want to lose it on the highway! LOL!

Janet said...

I absolutely adore the wall hanging - you are clever ! feeling all festive now !

Valerie said...

Thanks for the lovely Christmas carol. I am starting my Christmas countdown very soon. The wall hanging is special at this time of year. And something to be proud of. As for nuts ... never heard of re-torquing before but intend to ask at the garage.

Star said...

Hello Gill, I'm listening to the first Christmas song. It's lovely and putting me in the mood for Christmas. Then I looked at your wall hanging. That is so pretty. I'm sure you'll love looking at it throughout the Christmas period.
Your buns look wonderful !!?
Blessings, Star

LizBeth said...

Love the wall hanging, but tell us more about the table on which it rests. I love things wooden. We used to collect water-bed frames and built some wonderful sturdy furniture from it. ~Liz

landcuckoo said...

I can't look any further! Just seen those delicious looking cookies, not to mention the delightful buns at the top of the page and I am so hungry!!!!
Lovely wall hanging, I like that style, that will look really good and festive.
take care
Sarah x

Pom Pom said...

I love that song. Thank you.

Jane and Chris said...

Buns!!!!Nuts!!! Toooo funny!
Your wall hanging is beautiful.
Jane x

Star said...

yes, I did forget the nuts. I too have never heard of re-torquing! Isn't it amazing how shy men can be sometimes! Very endearing, I think. Now that I know that expression, I shall make sure I remind Larry to get his nuts tightened next time we are in the garage!

Stephanie V said...

Oh, I love your tire story. Laughed right out loud, I did. Best way to start the day...thanks.

And that wall hanging is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill,
As its the first day of the festive season, I just wanted to say that I avidly read your blog everyday and that it brings an amazing amount of cheer, so to you a big big thank you for sharing so much of yourself here. I feel as if we'd get on really well! Well done on both wall hanging and biscuits and all.
Oh and its possible that we have more snow than you!!!
Fee. Somerset

Lorac said...

Very pretty wall hangong Gill. I don't do enough crafts I am afraid! It's nice to hear a non-conventional mall type Cristmas song too!

Karine said...

Your post made me smile all around! The line about the nuts needing tightening, the Christmas song and you wall hanging...all marvelous!

fizzycat said...

Gorgeous wall hanging. Saw your post on needlework at school.What a horrible teacher, glad they didn't put you off crafting.
All the best For Christmas and the New Year.

Rose said...

I got a smile from the wall hanging. It is really pretty.