Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comfort food at it's best.........

Nothing beats a big pot of mac and cheese on a cold Winter's day!

Here is a recipe for mac and cheese I posted on the blog a while back.

Another classic Christmas song, sung by the Celtic Woman

Saturday's cookie recipe is a good one 3-in-1 Sugar Cookies  It will be one I will be making, as I like sugar cookies.

Well today another winter storm is on it's way, so I need to flex my snow shovelling muscles again {SIGH}  One thing is for sure, we are going to have a white Christmas.  Also it's good news for all the ski resorts, as they are now open.  Here is a web cam of one of the ski resorts close to us.  Oh, I don't ski, I have enough problems walking when it's snowing, never mind hurtling down a hill with planks strapped to my feet!!!  That is an accident waiting to happen in my case..........

Spent Saturday morning helping dh put up the stud walls in the basement.  I forgot to take a photo but will have one on the blog on Monday.  We only worked in there in the morning, as Saturday was dh's last day off until Christmas Day.   Plus we went to his work's Christmas party the night before so we were tired.  We left early as it wasn't that great so were in bed by 11:45 pm, however that's way past our usual bedtime, so that's why we were tired.


JohnD said...

Never had a high regard for Mac and Cheese - poor persons food imho!

Pom Pom said...

I made mac and cheese for dinner last night, too! Our son opted for chicken wings because he thinks my mac and cheese is too fattening. It was tasty - just right, as my husband commented.
I am craving sugar cookies. I need some for my tea time. I shall ski on up to your house!

Denise said...

Always love a good recipe for Mac n Cheese. Thanks Gill. I also enjoyed the link to the sugar cookie recipe. Still no snow down here but it's raining this morning. We'll be off to Baltimore in an hour and I am hoping it will stop by then. We'll be staying the night and it's supposed to be just as bad in the morning. Probably wait until rush hour is over before we start back.

LizBeth said...

Mac and cheese is the best! Love it, especially on a cold day like today.

Stephanie has a red background on her blog, and the text for comments is in red, so when the template doesn't load all the way, you can't see the button to post. LOL Sometimes you just have to reload the page to get everything on it and see all the buttons.

Have a good Sunday! ~Liz

Piece by Piece said...

Gill, in my opion Mac & Cheese is the worse food on earth!!
I hate the texture, and I think it all goes back to a dish my Mother used to make when I was a child in England in the late 40's. Are you ready for this?
She would start out with all of the ingredients for rice pudding, only instead of rice she used the mac noodles and bake it in the oven. Disgusting to say the least.
I've had enough snow, another two inches when I woke this a.m.
Keep warm

Clara said...

We had mac and cheese just yesterday. We eat it only about a couple of times of year so it was really great for a change. I mix in browned up onion bits in mine. We have a little snow here and it should melt within the next couple of days. Do not overdo the shoveling!

Rose said...

Tears in my eyes from laughing...thinking about you or me for that matter hurtling down a snow covered hill with planks strapped to our feet! What a vision that would be!

Mac and cheese is good any time, any where...and I love it with tomatoes from our garden on the side.

You ask what a strip pit is as mentioned on my blog...they are places where strip (surface) mining as been done. Usually around here they fill with water and are excellent places to fish if you have access to them.

Where I go to get the photos of the owls, etc, they are all privately owned with public access road going through them. No hunting, no trespassing signs are every where.

Stephanie V said...

Mac and cheese is a HUGE favorite at our house. Probably the most requested dish when kids come to supper.

Stay your stretching exercises before you fling the snow shovel about.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Interesting to read peoples comments about mac 'n cheese. I love it when it's well made and think of it as a 'comfort food.'
I can't believe how you are wrestling the snow already--We have really dodged it here in Virginia an dhave just rain, but cold and wind is returning.

The Witch said...

We made mac and cheese last night also but it was a fast one out of the box. We had a Kraft box and PC. white mac and cheese combined them together with cream as the base and it was really good. As much as I don't care for the boxed stuff it worked in a pinch because we were both so tired.
DH"S has no time off till now till Christmas? That's quite tiring, I hope he has the time off between Christmas and New Years!

Karine said...

That mac and cheese looks lovely! We are getting the winter storm here too. We got some snow, then some freezing rain and now we're waiting for some more rain and then more snow. Ugh!!! I would rather it come down all snow! But hey, at least the weather didn't stop anyone getting to my concert!

angela said...

thanks for the receipe for mac and cheese.
We always hear about it on television but here in australia we really dont know how its made. We only know the box stuff and that tasts terrible. I will definately try making some and see how it goes over.
stay warm and dry