Thursday, December 9, 2010

Looks can be deceiving......

It was a gorgeous sunny day on Wednesday, but boy was it bitter cold in that wind.

I popped into town to run some errands and I think half the population did as well, as town was busy.  I am guessing the sunny day and NO snow falling from the sky helped.   I also mailed my order form for my trees.  I ordered 10 of the red oak trees and 2 of the hemlocks.  I have a corner which is reasonably sheltered so thought I would try the hemlocks there.  The red oaks will go along the front of the property.  So roll on next April when we get them.

Another classic Christmas song, Johnny Matthis, "When a Child is Born."

I forgot to post the cookie recipe from Tuesday, Fruit and Nut Holiday Shortbread maybe because it didn't appeal to me.  Now Wednesday's recipe sounded a lot better Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies I wouldn't mind making this.........

Do you remember this post about Olga...............well would you believe people have donated over $3,000 isn't that really good?  I was so pleased when I saw her totals, here is a link, please donate a few dollars if you have a couple of dollars/pounds that you can spare.


LizBeth said...

We're all hoping that Olga R-3 will get a REAL last name for Christmas. Thanks so much for bringing her to your readers' attention. Blessings, Liz

Jane and Chris said...

Yesterday's wind cut through like little tiny ice knives....bitter!
stay warm
Jane x

Kim said...

I really do need to get to some holiday baking soon.

About those jobs - the one that was work-from-home that I interviewed over the phone for, I have never heard back from them. Emailed a couple times just to get "we will be deciding next week" then nothing.

The one downtown that I interviewed for, about 2 wks after I heard from the agency that submitted me that the company wanted to keep looking, so no one they interviewed was good enough.

Oh well - I quoted for a small job at my brother's company yesterday and now waiting to hear back from them.

I write for Demand Studios too but can never find enough normal titles to write about - they have a huge list and then you pick and write them - about $15 each.

However, the typical titles are always things people have Googled - like "How to adjust the carberator on the Yamaha 30HP outboard". I spend all my time trying to find something I can actually write about :)

Star said...

Looks so cold in your pictures but yes, you did the right thing going into town while you had the chance. I like to be where other people are, all shopping together.
Loved the song.
It's getting closer now, isn't it.
Blessings, Star

EG Wow said...

And it's cold again today. I have just returned from an hour walk in the forest. Brrrr.

Leiani said...

Lovely photos!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Gill!! I'm really enjoying seeing your snow pictures--I can't believe how much you've gotten! We're in a deep freeze here, and I wouldn't mind a little of the white-stuff to put me in the holiday mood!! Stay warm!!!

Rose said...

Here any time you go anywhere the parking lots are crammed full...I attribute it to Chritmas shopping but it is usually not like that till the last week before Christmas.