Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two videos to watch today.....

I first saw this on John's blog, it is just so funny. Make sure you have the sound on especially at the 45 second mark. I would love an English Bulldog as a friend for Molly.

Who doesn't love Boney M's's a classic

In answer to Fee's question yesterday, as I write this on Wednesday night, we don't have snow on the ground.  So you will have more snow than us in Somerset.  I will be quite peed off on Thursday morning, if I get up and we have a foot of snow mind you!!!

I am working on Thursday and Friday of this week.  A bit of a last minute thing, but it has come at a good time, as I got a letter in the mail and we can order trees cheaply through our township, so I will now have some money to get some.  We have the pick of :

Sugar Maple (3ft to 5 ft Potted) $22.50 each
White Birch (4ft to 5ft potted) $13.00 each
Hemlock (3ft to 4ft potted) $14.75 each
Red Oak (3ft to 4ft potted) $15.00 each

Now I do realize that I will be dead and buried by the time any of them grow to great heights, but thought I would like to do my bit for the planet earth.

We can also order bundles of trees, babies to 2 years of age, including conifers and hedging.  They come in bundles of ten and you have to order a minimum of ten bundles and they range in price from $9.30 for Eastern Red Cedars, up to $16.60 for Sugar or Red Maples.  There are also both White and Red pines, White and Norway Spruce.  Balsam Fir, Eastern Hemlock, White and Eastern Red Cedar, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Red Osier Dogwood and Witchhazel.

I will have around $200 to spend I think, and there is a $10 shipping and handling fee as well.  What would you buy?

The third cookie recipe was " Barefoot Contessa's Coconut Macaroons".  Well as I am not a huge fan of coconut, I am giving this one a pass as well.......lets hope there is something a bit better tomorrow!!


JohnD said...

Why not order 4 of each, seeing as to how your budget is around $200. Cut it back to three of each if that's too expensive. Then you could plant your own mini-forest around your house and decorate a different one with external low-voltage lights each year!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Gill!! I'm catching up on your news this week and have enjoyed seeing what you're baking and making! :-) and will be planting too--It's hard to decide which trees to buy, I do so love the Sugar Maples, but then the Red Oaks...Okay, I'm no help--But I think JohnD may be onto something.

Hope you're doing well--By the way, the 'cone' or e-collar that Hamlet is wearing is a soft padded one called a 'comfy cone.' I like it because it's not as stiff or as intrusive as the others.

Jane and Chris said...

We live in our own forest with a mix of trees, so it seems strange to us that people buy trees! Whatever you buy, enjoy them.
We still have snow and it is forecast to snow again today (YUCK).
Jane x

Karine said...

What a wonderufl project for your city to be offering trees at such low prices! That should be a program offered everywhere! I hope you're having a good day at work :o)

Stephanie V said...

Oh, this is like one of those math problems in school! Even the numbers are all uneven. Like John, I would buy an assortment - leaving out the hemlock 'cuz I prefer deciduous trees - and have a lovely little wood with different textures and colors year round.

LizBeth said...

They'll grow faster than you think after they get a good root system. Around here they grow them for wind breaks. Could sure use more breaks in the wind!!!. . . . . . . As for barefoot anything or anybody, sounds cold to me. I've got some coconut shreds in the frig. Going to whizz them in the processor and see if I can make coconut powder. Tired of pulling shreds out of my teeth!! I'll hide them in cookies and breads, huh. ~Liz

John Gray said...


always and forever!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Ah now, the macaroons, thanks for that as I apparently am addicted to them. A friend brought a large bag from Wegmans at our last get-together and between the five of us she didn't have any to take home.

The tree idea is excellent.

That is the cutest dog, always wanted an English Bulldog. Haven't watched the other yet but will the next time I pop by.

mrsnesbitt said...

Snow at Christmas? We are now into day 9 of home with snow.

Rose said...

I would be getting the maples, birch and oaks...simply because I think they are healthier on the soil. If you will notice in a pine/cedar/I assume any coniferous forest...not much grows under can check this out and see what you think. Maybe look into it more...