Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gosh I was busy on Monday.......

Monday was a holiday for us here in Southern Ontario; not sure for the rest of Canada? We were busy all day. I cleaned the bathrooms, did two loads of laundry, therefore doing two loads of ironing. I got a bit of the grass cut, so all I have left to do is the field and Kamikaze Hill. Got some more raspberries picked and made another four pots of jam. Then I put the first coat of varnish on the book shelves. Actually that doesn't look like I did too much does it? It took me all day though.

I harvested my tomatoes today.......actually I should re-phrase that I harvested my ONE tomato!!!

I have no idea why I only have the one tomato that grew on the plant? I also picked a couple of lettuces, they're not very big, and made a garden salad for supper.

Molly continues to be a delight. However she wouldn't stop barking at one point this afternoon, and was so loud, that the dogs started barking on the farm up the road!! So if she continues to do this we're not going to be very popular with the neighbours!! She also got out this morning, and she ran off down the property. She tends to get distracted with that nose of hers, and off she goes.

Mind you she can spend a long time checking out the wood pile. She even pulled some logs out trying to get whatever is living in there. We bought a rope with hooks on both ends so we can let her out. However she chewed through the rope, so dh had to make her a new one, this time with clothes line wire...........she'll not be able to chew through that!!!

Dh continued with his electrics and got the landing lights working again. There was actually only the one light on the landing, dh has put a second one in, as the new stairs is cutting the landing in half now and cutting down on the light. I haven't bought the light fixtures yet for there, as the ones we saw and liked were $75 each, this one is similar to the one. He also got the socket wired up for the fireplace, so now I can get the rest of the painting done on that.

The forecast is hot and humid for Tuesday, so not sure what I will or will not get done on Tuesday.


MyBulletinBoard said...

Used to feed our dog a big spoon of peanut butter when she got to barking. Calmed things down for a while as she licked the stuff off the roof of her mouth.

Hope the allergies are doing better!

Liz in Texas

Scrappy quilter said...

Sounds like you're rolling right a long. Glad Molly is adjusting well. It was a holiday here too yesterday however in the city you would never have known it. Most of the stores were opened, at least holiday hours. Sending some much cooler weather your way.

mommanator said...

My grandma always said "idle hands are the devils workshop" you must have known her! as you never seem idle!

Patty said...

Sounds like you were busy to me. It takes awhile to cook jam, clean the bathrooms, do laundry, and mow some grass. Plus varnish the shelves. Time flies when you're having fun. LOL

The Good Life in Virginia said...

my gosh you are a busy one.
i didn't even do any tomato bushes this year...neighbors are kind enough to share some of theirs which i have been enjoying this week.
molly will keep you going it appears. she is a go-getter. i guess she must have seen something in the fields?

i like the ceiling lamp fixture...quite nice ;)

have a good day ms. gill.

DeniseinVA said...

It may only be one tomato but it's a very healthy looking one and I bet it tasted delicious.

Evelyn said...

we have a lab and the only lead he wouldn't chew through is a chain.

we had a holiday here too.