Saturday, August 8, 2009

And it was my fault????

So on Friday I have to go to the city where we used to live, as my step-mum had her hip operation on Thursday, so I went to visit her in hospital. It's a brand new hospital and I have never been before, but I know the area, so no biggie.

I turn to go into the parking lot and there is a car in front of me, and you have to stop to get a ticket from the machine before it lets you in the parking lot. Well this guy in front of me couldn't reach the machine, so instead of opening his door and stepping out, he decided to reverse, and drive back in.

One tiny little problem, he didn't bother to check his rear view mirror and reversed into me, despite the fact I put my hand on my horn. I know I should have got out of the way, but I was sure he must have seen me.

So this nurse was passing and she says "he hit you," now to be fair I didn't feel him hit me, so I knew it couldn't have been much. He pulls into the car park, I yell at him not to go anywhere, and I go into the car park, and park next to him.

I say "you just reversed into me?"
He says, "it was an accident."

We check my car and there was no damage. I can't remember what I said next, anyhow, he says "well its your fault, as you were too close behind me."

EXCUSE ME??? I was a good distance behind him and if he had bothered to check his mirror, he could have reversed but not as far back as he did. So now I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. If I could have got my hands around his scrawny neck I would have throttled him.

How can it be MY FAULT that someone reversed into me?????

Maybe I am a rotten driver, as I seem to have had a run of bad luck. I pull my car into a parking lot, and the woman in the next space gets out of the car and bangs her door into my car.

I nearly get run off the road last week, this week a truck pulled out into my lane without looking, again a close call.

And now a guy reverses into me and tells me its my fault................I think I should just not drive and stay at home.


that british woman s brother said...

it could only happen to you our gill
its a good job you dont drive a wagon like me - we get it all the time and people always say that it was our fault
fact of life always blame the other person - even better put a claim in
...just watch what your doing our gill and buy a big 4 x 4 and you will always come off best

Angry In Oman said...

Gill that's rotton! Don't let it all shake your confidence!

Clippy Mat said...

owld fart! he knew he was to blame but thought he'd blame you because he didn't look in his mirror as he should have done. definitely not your fault.

Linda said...

After driving a van a 4x4 does help a bit, especially side swipers.

Our van though, I think it was that same car that had trouble with one of those machines.

Scrappy quilter said...


Evelyn said...

nope not your fault, he could have done what I always have to do and open my car door a bit to reach it. i thionk people are becoming more careless drivers. last night i get ready to make a right turn onto a busy road, a man puls into the left of me to make an. only problem was that it was a two lane road and the other lane was for people turning onto that road. i try inching to see around his enormous SUV so i can make my easy right turn, the more I eased forward, the more he did to see beyond me to make his hard left turn. a car tried to pull onto our road, has to ram her car up on the curve as he was sitting in her lane, he roars off and she and I look at each other and shake our heads.
My biggest beef is people who pull in front of large grocery stores, open their doors and leave them open while they get their bags out of the trunk. the rest of traffic is trying to pull way over to avoid them. that happened to me 5 minutes after the other incident. I hate city drivers!

Patty said...

Well of course it was your fault, you're the woman. LOL

At least that's how some men's logic runs. It's NEVER their fault. Apparently you are a good driver, otherwise you would have be involved in several other accidents, if you weren't being a good drive and paying attention.

Don't give up driving, it's boring waiting for someone to take you someplace. Thank goodness I can still drive.

Unknown said...

Motorists can be so unreasonable. It's you with motorist woes and we here with nutty-neighbor woes. We surrounded by nuts; one of whom had a bone to pick with our wooden fence, which borders her property. She asked us to take it down because she insisted it was going to fall down into her yard. We calmly explained that it was slightly tilted, yes and in need of slight repair, yes. But that it wasn't going to fall down onto her yard. Wellllllll...we'd just brought the materials home to repair the fence when we received word that if we don't take down our fence, she would go ahead and put her own in, regardless. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. We calmly explained that putting a fence behind ours, with only a couple of inches of space between them, would rot our fence. Which is fine and will be perfect after a small repair. No dice. She had installed a brown plastic fence two inches behind our wooden one. Further, hers sticks up about 5 inches above ours and extends horizontally beyond ours by two yards or so. ???????
Whatever. Oh and she doesn't like our bat houses because she doesn't like bats. It's insulting to the little critters to refer to this woman as "batty".

Deep breath! :-D Safe travels, please!

Winifred said...

It's such a pain driving Gill. Well really it's the drivers not the driving! They sound the same everywhere and unfortunately here the women are often worse than the men. Especially the younger ones!

I've got a free bus pass but so far it's not been possible for me to use it. Hopefully once my grand daughter is at school the world's my "lobster" and I won't need to use my car so much. I's love to be able to give a V sign to the car and say stuff you, I don't need you!

Anonymous said...

HUGS!!!! I don't know why, but some people attract damage to their cars. My car has far more dings in it than my husband's, and I have never even been in the car for any of them. People hit me in parking lots all the time - even my husband has hit my car with his truck! Does his truck have damage? Nope. Does mine? Yup!

Just let it roll off. No damage done and he's an idiot who was trying to deflect onto someone else in a stressful situation.

MissL said...

It is certainly not your fault. It was the driver i front trying to pass blame, dont worry about it!