Friday, September 6, 2013

What was hanging on my washing line on Thursday.......

Of course it's the bath mats and a couple of my handbags, is that not normal?  I am a huge fan of cloth handbags, especially Vera Bradley; I did also wash my Marie Osmond bag (red one) as well.  I hope to fine another Vera Bradley bag while we are in the States at a good price.
On Thursday I cut the rest of the grass, and it was downright nippy out there.  I had a fleece jacket on and my flaps down hat on all day.  I'm not complaining as I would rather have this type of weather, than stinking hot and humid, but it was cool out of the sun and in the wind.

The one thing that surprises me with this week's "House of the Week," is how light and airy it is.  From the outside you wonder why is it on sale for $1.85 million, but inside the finishes tell you why.  I like the inner courtyard idea, a bit like a secret garden, otherwise the place is too modern and too flipping clean for me.  Only the kids bedrooms looked lived in, once again I'll pass.

Not sure what to say about "The Cottage of the Week?"  Obviously at $4.35 million, it's not your typical cottage.  Take a look at the ninth photo and tell me if that picture beside the window/door should be the other way up?  I'm guessing not but that would annoy the heck out of me.  If I had that sort of money to spend it would be perfect but not as a cottage but as a permanent home.

This week's "Condo of the Week," has no kitchen and is currently being use as a photography studio, and for that you get to pay $850,000. As it is one of those lofts with the concrete walls, no ceiling and concrete floors I'll pass!!!


Debby said...

Gill you are in luck! There is a Vera store in Pegion Forge, not sure if the price's are any better but they have a lot to pick from. Its in "The Christmas Place" Shopping center. It's CRAZY busy on the weekends at The Christmas Place, weekday's are the best time to go.

Jane and Chris said...

A kosher kitchen has two dishwashers..HEAVEN!
The picture should be removed ....full stop.
Jane x

Rose said...

I like the bedrooms okay on home of the week...mostly don't care for it though. And I wish I had enough money to call that cottage of the week a you, I would live there.

Bette Creek said...

The backyard looks really nice. The house is a little too modern for my taste, but I could live in that backyard for sure.

Bette Creek said...

Oh and the cottage of the week.... looks familiar. I wonder if it's been featured in a magazine or something, cause I think I've seen it before. And yes, I could live there too - FULL TIME!!