Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Managed to pick up a someone's internet access!!!!

So thought I'd prepare a blog post.

Had a super day on Tuesday and part of it was spent at Bush Beans Visitor Centre and Museum.  It's at Chestnut Hill, Tennessee and is well worth going to.  There is no cost to go into the shop & museum and you can watch and listen to a presentation about the Bush Beans company and you see how the beans processed, all very interesting.  The plant itself is huge and across the road from the visitor centre.
 There is also a cafe at the place.

If you do go to the  visit.or centre make sure you eat at the cafe there, as the food is yummy and very reasonably priced.  This chicken tender meal was on special at $7.99.  A note to family members, no I did NOT eat my green beans they were icky!!
Now despite the fact I didn't eat my veggies I did get to share a banana split with dh!!! 
I did buy a couple of things in the store, but can't say what.  I did not buy any baked beans, as we prefer Heinz. However we don't mind the vegetarian ones, but they only had the small cans there.  We were there well over two hours visiting the centre and having lunch.

Answers to questions:

1. 8
2. Fibre
3. Can't remember and don't have a can of beans
6. Chestnut Hill, Tennessee


boopnut said...

They should have served baked beans with the chicken strips! Aren't those factory tours fun?

Jane and Chris said...

Thank God you didn't show any baked beans...BLECH!!!
Jane x

slugmama said...

We passed right by there on I-81 a couple of weeks ago....didn't even know it was there.
We love baked beans but I have to always make my own since the sodium count in all of the manufactured ones is so high.

But sounds like y'all had a fun time!

Debby said...

I am SOO looking foward to our trip coming up soon. For now enjoying your posts. Ahh coffee or tea on the porch looking over those Mts!! Have you made a trip to Harrah's? Beautiful drive on the way, we budget $20.00 each for playing and have a lunch in the park right in town

DeniseinVA said...

Kindred spirits here, we went into the Spam Museum on our way home. These places are a lot of fun.