Sunday, September 22, 2013

When you're eyes are greedier than your stomach,,,,,,,,

You end up being sick all day the next day!!!  It was dh's birthday on Friday, so we went out to dinner at night to a place called Bistro Seven Seven.  The kids had given us a gift card at Christmas for $50 so we decided to use it towards the meal.  The photos are dark as we were sat in a corner and the lighting was "mood" lighting so you could hardly see a thing.

We had an amuse bouche of a goats cheese croquette with honey and pheasant with mushrooms and shaved parmigiano on a piece of toast.  Both were good.

The appetiser dh had was Hearts of Romaine, Garlic Emulsion, Buttered Croutons, Shaved Parmigiano or more commonly known as Cesar Salad.  He said it was good.
I had the soup of the day which was butternut squash and sweet potato.  It was really good, but I don't remember what else was in it.
They then brought us a small ball of mixed fruit sorbet to cleanse our palette.  Dh had the special of the night which was a spicy fillet of salmon with various veggies.  Again I can't remember what exactly the sauce was but it did have a kick to it he said.  The veggies were potatoes, mushrooms, parsnip, turnip and red cabbage.  He really enjoyed it.
I had hand-cut Herbed Gnocchi, Mushrooms, Wild Boar Bacon Cream Sauce with a balsamic reduction.  The gnocchi were super light and delicious.
Now this is where the "eyes are greedier than our stomach" saying comes in.  Despite being stuffed full we had desert.  Dh had goats cheese Cheesecake with a caramel drizzle, it was a lighter cheesecake, not a heavy New York type.
I had Banoffee Bread Pudding with caramel sauce, and yes it was as good as it looked!!
To finish we had a square of lemon fudge, homemade of course!  It cost us another $75 on top of the $50 gift card but was well worth it.  You could tell the quality of the ingredients used and the service was impeccable.

Now due to all that rich food I suffered greatly overnight and all day Saturday with heart burn.  Wouldn't be so bad but the kids are taking us out for lunch today for their dad's birthday. Just have to remember how much I suffered all day Saturday, and order something light!!!


bonsaimum said...

Looking at all that gorgeous food, I'd say the pain would be worth it. It just looks too good to resist--and I am so weak!!

Anonymous said...

It looks delish! And I say order something good for lunch also since this only comes but once a year:)

Happy Birthday to hubby

boopnut said...

Oh that all looks so good and I can see where you could go overboard! Hope you took an antacid and lunch went better!

Evelyn said...

looks delicious!

Debby said...

Oh my!!! The plates are beautiful, I too would have had tummy troubles after all that wondeful food.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

Oh man, looks delicious - it has been so long since I was able to go out and buy all three courses on a menu!! I think it would probably make me feel rather sick too though!

Hawaii Planner said...

It looks fabulous! And, like you, when I eat heavy restaurant meals, I'm typically stuffed and regret it later. I try to share with the husband as much as possible to avoid that feeling. ;-)

Winifred said...

Looks fabulous! I love the light cheescake but Banoffee is hard to resist.

Practical Parsimony said...

If I were in your position, I would order the lunch, eat only a portion and ask for a "to go" box and bring the rest home for the next day.

Of course, I hear the British don't do things like that. We Americans do ask for "to go" boxes.