Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Did I get any cleaning done yesterday..........

Yes I did.  Did I get everything done, well of course not, but I did get a number of other little jobs done that no one will notice, only me.  Are the dust bunnies gone; no but there are not as many of them.  I am sure there are still cobwebs lurking around as well but I did win the battle with a few of them.

I did get the window sill and trim in the kitchen stained, plus some touch ups done to cabinet trim as well.  Today the varnish will be brought out and I will spend the rest of the week putting coats of varnish on everything.  At least with the cooler temps all the windows can be open.

Another sign of Fall is the fact the furnace guy is coming today to do our annual service.  Always do it the beginning of September before we have to turn on the furnace.

At the end of July, I did a post about a new store I found called Wild Birds Unlimited, you can read the full post here.  I wanted to update you about what worked for us and what didn't.  The Stackable Bird Feeder (photo below) has been a huge success and lasts for ages.  I will be buying more of those stacks throughout the winter.  They are well worth the money.

The Safflower seed is a bust, the only thing that loves those are the chipmunks.  Not much success either with the bird feeder that sticks to the window, the odd bird will get food buy they are very few.

The Cardinal Alert didn't really work either; Kristen did suggest a plastic drop sheet, the type you put on the floor when painting.

Loved the look of the sky on Tuesday afternoon.

For the sewers out there, I was ready to pull my hair out on Tuesday afternoon sewing the baby blanket.  I was quilting two layers of minky with a light batting in between.  Thread kept snapping.  Finally got it sorted by changing my needle to a jeans needle.  I had forgotten why I hate sewing with minky!!!  Looks good though.  Ideally the binding should be minky, but I think that would put me in an early grave, so cotton material it is.


Buttons said...

Sorry about the Chipmunk feeder:)
Good job on getting ready for the winter. I need someone to come get at my list, are you available:) Hug B

Debby said...

Oh Minky fabric just about puts me over the top every time!! If you have a walking foot that seems to help out some.

~Carla~ said...

People definitely have a love/hate relationship with minky! lol!! I never have issues with it, but have never tried to sew Minky with minky! Thinking I probably won't... ;) lol!! I hope you'll share photos with us after you're done your baby blanket!! :)

Enie Dub said...

Your sky picture is idyllic. The clouds look like they have been painted across the sky.

Rose said...

I have steered clear of Minky because of the mess when cutting...had not even thought about how it is to sew. Also, the cost of it has been another thing. I really need to learn to make smaller baby quilts...I seem to always make them plenty big to put on the floor for a baby to play on.

(Want to come clean my house?)