Monday, September 30, 2013

The Baby Shower

Sorry for not being about the last few days, but we had the baby shower on Saturday and I was busy in the lead up to the shower and plain bloody exhausted the day after!!!

Anyhow it went off without a hitch and dd loved it.  The theme of the shower was "Sugar and Spice."
Dd  mother-in-law is the Principal of a private school so we used one of the rooms at the school.  Here is a photo of the food.
Dd best friend who was the creative genius behind the shower, also made the cake.  I did most of the sweet things, and dd mother-in-law did most of the savory things.
Dd best friend also made the three diaper cakes.  They were stunning.  On this table also was the Wishes for Baby cards and book.
This is the "wishes for baby" cards that you fill in and they go into the pink book above.  Its a lovely keepsake and the pages were made using a Cricut.

Here is the table with the favours on it.
Inside the boxes were a sugar cookie (you can sort of see a couple at the side of the photo) which dd best friend made, along with Butter Chicken spice mix and recipe for the butter chicken.  Hence the sugar and spice theme. Our little Princess' mother put the spice mix together and we used her recipe for the chicken.  I should post the recipe as everyone loves it........well except me as I don't like anything with spice in it.
On this table you can see three of the prizes.  Also the Price is Right game, where you had to guess the total price of the various items.  Ds girlfriend won that game.

Here we had the diaper changing game.  The doll on the far right is Annabelle and she will be 47 years old next March; yes she is my doll.  My cousin's daughter got second prize in that game.  My step-mother won another of the prizes and my niece won another prize......and no it wasn't fixed!!!
In the centre of the tables were these flower arrangements along with two dishes of candy.  For the spice red hot tamales, and for the sugar chocolates.
This was another of the interesting facts that was framed on some of the tables.
Dd got so many gifts it was over whelming I think.  The baby will not need any clothes for the first six months of her life.  She is a very lucky little girl.  We had around 40 people there which was nice and I think from what I could gather everyone had a good time.  So all we have to do now is wait for our little Sweet pea to pop out and pray and hope she is a she, otherwise if she is a he, he is going to be wearing a lot of pink and purple things for the first six months of his life!!!!

I did manage to get the quilt finished.
I also got a pillow made out of the scraps.
I still have the crib skirt to do and a tab top valance for the nursery.  Does anyone have a link to an easy pattern for a tab top valance?


Enie Dub said...

Everything looks so pretty.

That is just great that you still have Annabelle after all those years!

Evelyn said...

what a gorgeous party! love all the ideas and the decor and food!

Jane and Chris said...

You could have warned me that there was a picture of dolls! (Can't stand dolls).
Jane x

boopnut said...

What a nice party. Love your quilt and pillow...pretty colors.

~Carla~ said...

Your quilt & pillow are beautiful, Gill!! :) The shower looks wonderful, what a fun theme! Love all that *PINK*!!!

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Yes, a very lucky baby! Love that quilt and pillow!

The Witch said...

Wow, everything looked lovely.
I bet it was a really fun baby shower because it seems to have a lot of love and thought behind it all.
All the goodies. YUM.
Your daughter is one lucky girl to have such sweet friends and relatives.
Can't wait till you post the recipe.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Lovely shower and your quilt is gorgeous. Don't even joke about the gender being wrong -- that same thing happened to my cousin's daughter five months ago. She was told it was a girl and bingo -- out pops the most beautiful little baby boy you have ever seen! Everything was done "girl" so there was some adjustments being made but she is thrilled with her beautiful son and I havent seen him in anything pink yet!

Rose said...

I wondered where you had been!

Looks like a great shower...everything is decorated so beautifully. Glad all was a success. And the quilt is beautiful.