Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just shows you they let anyone into the States!!!

Yep they let us in!!  Mind you the border guy was more interested what was in our cooler (picnic box) than anything else!!  Maybe he had forgotten his lunch and figured he could confiscate ours?  All it was, was store bought salad and yogurt.

Then we were charged $5 for crossing the bridge?  Never understood that.

We crossed over at Windsor into Detroit.  If you have never been to the States before crossing there is an eye opener especially if you're travelling on the I75 as it takes you through a rough looking part of Detroit and the highway is in desperate need of repair.  Once out of Detroit things take a turn for the better and as it was a Saturday the roads weren't that busy.  If you drive in Canada driving in the States is a doddle and vice versa.

We only drove 8 to 9 hours and ended up in Florence, Kentucky.  We were here by just aback of 4pm, so what should we do I wondered?  Heck, lets go shopping!!!  Hobby Lobby was my first port of call. Only bought a magazine with my 40% off coupon and a yard of material that I wanted.

Supper was at this restaurant:

The place was heaving; I mean it was heaving, even we had to wait 15 minutes.  We had planned on going to the Olive Garden but the line ups were even worse there and we were tired.

Dh had this:

I had their version of a Cobb Salad; wouldn't have it again and sorry about the quality of photo, the place was very dark.  That is advocado on the top of the salad.
Dh had a beer with his meal, I had water.  Cost $35 with tip, which is the cost of an average meal in Canada.  Gas/petrol is a heck of a lot cheaper here at $3.55 USD per gallon.

The hotel we stayed at I'll post about at a later date as I will be emailing the manager and want to see what the outcome of his response is before I post about it.  Lets just say I don't have a lot of good things to say, and you will never believe why!!

When we get to our cabin I don't have internet access, so unless I can pick up someone else's Wi-Fi I won't be posting.  I have prepared posts though while we away and do hope to check in where free Wi-Fi is available.

12 comments: said...

Curious now! I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Jane and Chris said...

Heading to Vermont the border guard even wanted to know what colour our apples were!
Jane x

Tammy Chrzan said...

Gill your blog title cracked me up!!!
I didn't know that's the part of Canada you lived in, I lived in Detroit for 5 years and that city is NASTY! Here in the States we have joke about the roads being so bad and the pot holes being so big that whole cars have been lost in them!! LOL... I used to have to dodge those holes on a daily basis! HATE that city. Michigan itself is gorgeous when you're out of the city but Detroit needs some serious love put into it. I used to love crossing the border into Canada from Michigan because it's just instantly GORGEOUS... CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL!!
I love Canada...
I'm glad you enjoyed some yummy food!!!
Tammy x

Country Gal said...

Hope you have a good trip ! Thanks for sharing .

slugmama said...

I traveled through Kentucky too last month. Had me some fried chicken livers....can't get those in fast food type places up in PA. lol

Have a great vacation!

slugmama said...

I traveled through Kentucky too last month. Had me some fried chicken livers....can't get those in fast food type places up in PA. lol

Have a great vacation!

EG CameraGirl said...

The price of U.S. gas is a nice surprise for people used to paying for gas in Canada!

Debby said...

Welcome to the USA Gill!! You picked a pretty bad area to welcome you into our great country :( Detroit has been in decline for many years, they filed bankruptcy a month or so ago. Warning!! you can expect really long waits any where you want to eat in the Mts. We always end up cooking in the cabin. Best grocery store is Kroger's, the rest are just nasty!! You can pick up internet at all of the starbucks around town for free, Kroger grocery as well. Dog gone it I had wished we would be in the Mts at the same time as you guys. Enjoy!!!

Enie Dub said...

I like the look of your husbands food!

50 and counting said...

Americans love to eat out. It's like they just don't cook.

Kentucky has great rest stop areas. Alberta could learn a lot about public toilets.

Save trip!

Anonymous said...

Well, there you entered into Detroit. Probably hoping your visit was just Detroit to spend lots of money, and help them out of bankruptcy. There is a method to our American madness;-)

Rose said...

I am really wondering about where you stayed...I was hoping you would have a really good visit.