Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A rambling sort of post, there might be something of interest in there for you?

Finally some cooler weather, just glorious and now I can sleep better.  Poor dh though was huddled under the covers; I think his blanket will be appearing on the bed shortly though; no doubt Jane's will too, they're twins.  Roll on the weather being a bit cooler in the day as well.

All over the news for us, part of the famous St. Jacobs market burnt to the ground early Monday morning.
You can read more about the story here thanks also to them for the photo.  Anyone in the south west of Ontario this was a great place to go and if you had visitors visiting you would take them there for a day out.  Such a shame, and a lot of people lost their jobs.

Today I MUST clean the house.  I am going to be trapped and eaten by a spider as the cobwebs are getting that thick!!!  I will report back if I actually do clean the house; if you don't hear anything I failed AGAIN!!

Good news the Red Cardinal has finally given up fighting itself in our window; only taken him a couple of months to realize it was his reflection.

Only 13 more weeks until dd has the baby.  Must make a mental note to myself to stop buying the baby clothes.  Our Little Sweetpea is going to have more clothes than she can wear.  This was the latest onesie I bought.  It was only $3 so I couldn't resist.

Haven't heard from Our Little Princess and her family; hope to hear from them this week.

Finally I have started Christmas Shopping, by picking up some stocking stuffers.  Late getting started this year!!

There you go a post about nothing really.


Jane and Chris said...

Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

I like the hot weather, but find myself very lazy during the Summer months, (read, my housework needs doing also.) Leave the cobwebs, it will be Halloween soon, and your house will already be decorated. LOL
Pleased the weather is cooling down somewhat though, as it will get me accustomed to the cooler weather on my trip in 2 1/2 weeks.
Shame about the market, I am sure they will rebuild.

Debby said...

looking forward to some cool weather down here in the south!!! I too have the same problem with things for the grands, just can't pass up anything cute. I though we should be keeping the cob webs, after all Halloween is only 2 months away!!

John Gray said...

The stuff of weather I experienced as a chilfd

Rose said...

Your nothing posts are still interesting. That was a steal for $3! I might have bought two in different sizes/colors. LOL

DeniseinVA said...

September is here and it's like someone flipped a switch. Lovely post, bet your getting excited about the new baby. I will be getting rid of my own major cobwebs when my English friends visit about a week after we get home.

Jacqui said...

Yes, it's getting chilly. I had to dig my slippers out the other day as my feet were getting cold!

Very sad about St Jacobs Market. We are less than half an hour from St Jacobs and I was there a couple of weeks ago. Looks very strange without that building, but it was still suite busy. I hope when they rebuild they keep it in the spirit of the place.