Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grocery Shopping and other things....

Had to go into town on Tuesday for gas for the car and lawn tractor, paid $1.29 per litre.  So I called into the grocery store to pick up a few things.  Spent $15.84 and had $10.90 in savings.  The granola bars were free, the yogurt was only 99 cents a container, all the bread was half price, the pizza was half price and the cheese was only $3.33, again a super deal.

I think we all know that Will and Kate had a baby boy.  Did you see the photos of the family?  Well when he brought out the baby in his car seat, we had something in common with them.  That is the same car seat as dd and hubby have got for their little girl, she also has the stroller to go with it.  You can see the stroller here and the car seat here.  We were able to take advantage of a promotion in June and got the car seat for free when we bought the stroller, which saved us a couple hundred dollars.

I posted another book review here.

When we were out the other day saw that the Hallmark stores were advertising their Christmas decorations.  It's July for goodness sakes!!! Saying that I ordered the winter wood yesterday, it's coming some time next week.  Paying $290 a bush cord and I am ordering my usual three bush cords.  Must think up an excuse to invite the kids up for lunch!!!

Finally a couple of photos I took with my camera of out back:

Both photos were taken on Tuesday evening.


bonsaimum said...

Beautiful part of the world.

Dc said...

You are surrounded by such beautiful countryside but I still wouldn't want to be anywhere with the spiders (and snakes?) you have over there!!

silversewer said...

HHmmm....we really would love to have you for lunch.....and while you are here could you stack the wood for us?? except leave the wood bit till you have them captive....LOL

Holly Nelson said...

What an amazing view. Wow. So so beautiful!

Jane and Chris said...

Pretty views Gill! Guess you are making the most of this cold snap!
Jane x

slugmama said...

It's a big thing down here in the States, every July Hellmark(and that is NOT a typo lol)Stores have what they call Christmas in July when they unveil all the new ornament designs. I say Whoopee..... ;-)

I bet that many will be putting that royal car seat on eBay hoping to cash in and no one will be able to find that particular design in stores soon. lol

Such nice landscape photos....almost as good as the view out my front door, until the "Behemoth" comes back and gets parked in their driveway across the street. sigh

Sandi McBride said...

I don't remember if I left a comment on all the funnies from the other day, but enjoyed them no happy for Wills and Kate...I hear he future king will be called George, so HRH's late father...loved the photos you posted...we are so happy to be out in the country, can not abide traffic and noise lol