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Monday, July 8, 2013

Canada Geese and Mason Jars..........

When we lived in the city we were over run with Canada Geese.  Since we moved to the country we don't see that many, which is surprising.

Where dh works in the city in an industrial area, they are over run with Canada Geese.  I got dh to take some photos Sunday morning at work.  They curse them around his work area, as many of you know Canada Geese crossing the road do it at their pace regardless of how many cars and trucks there are.

I got the Rona newsletter in my inbox over the weekend and there was this article below on 5 different uses for Mason Jars.  Must say do NOT like the lamp idea.


So I decide to have a look around the Internet and lo and behold, there are lots and lots of things you can do with Mason Jars, who knew?

Here is a link to 50 different uses for Mason Jars, some would make some great gifts also.

Here is another link, which has some great ideas in it, including salad in a jar idea.

Makes me re-think the whole Mason Jar idea, as so far all I use them for is jam making.

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I think it is so cool when animals live their lives regardless of what humans are doing around them..geese are brillient, serious attitude lol. Hubby screws the lids of these jars onto the bottom of his shelves in the garage and then puts his screws, nails etc into the jar and screws the jar into the lid: voila, hanging jar and more shelf space cus they are hanging underneath!

Canada Geese are a problem around here too. In the historic village where I work they eat the gardens, leave messes on the pathways that get trampled into the homes. We have a farmer with a trained dog which is trained to chase them away, pretty successful. We also have a spot on the road further down where they cross and you have to stop and watch all the time for them.

We have to remember that WE make the habitats that geese like,so we are encouraging them to live where they are not wanted.
I use mason jars for all sorts of things...but I won't be using them as hanging lamps in the house!
Jane x

If we seem to think something, guarantee it probably has already been thunk up by someone else. We have lots of Canada Geese in the Spring, however the neighbour has a pond.

I can understand the guys getting irritated with the geese...I do like seeing them though. I guess cause I seldom saw one, even in flight when I was a child.

Need to do a thorough read of the jars...I seen some I already use, seen some I did not like...but bet I will see more that I like when I have time to read.

I love mason jars! At the moment I have been saving them for food storage - gonna mod podge the lids to get rid of the prints, then I will look for other purposes!

My gosh, that's a lot of geese!

LOVE the pictures. It reminded me how much I miss wildlife living in Las Vegas (you see NO animals here, it's too hot for them to be out and about).

At place around here the Canadian geese sure can be a pest. I'm only about 25 miles to the border. But actual deer here is problem. Everyone got a game fence around there garden if they don't the deer will total ruin one garden.
I have plenty of mason jar any how I use nine of them today and can up 9 pints of strawberry pie filling.
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