Friday, July 19, 2013

Conversation at McDonalds and Home of the Week

Conversation at McDonalds the other day:

Server: How can I help you?

Me: A small coffee frappe thingy please? ( I really like these and a small is quite big)

Server: $2.40 please.

Other Server:  Are you enjoying this weather? (It's stinking hot and humid)

Me: NO??? (While I am thinking to myself who on earth likes this bloody hot stinking weather)

Other Server: Oh.................then silence

So I figured I best say something to fill this silence.......

Me: Can't stand this weather but then again don't like the cold weather, guess I am never happy?

Server: Well I guess Fall is your favourite time of year then and Spring?

Me: Yes I love Fall, but we never have a Spring in this country do we?

Server:  No I guess not.

Luckily by this time the drink had come and I was on my way.

I bet they were saying to one another; miserable *itch, she should go back to where she comes from then!!!

Did I mention I am not a happy camper when the weather is like this....LOL

This weeks "Home of the Week," is mine as long as I don't have to pay nearly $6 million for it and it comes with a gardener and a cleaner!!  Don't think I would change a thing and I love the boxwood/privet hedge garden, very British.  The pet washing area in the garage is so cute and I have NEVER seen a garage so clean.  If they photographed our garage you wouldn't be able to see the floor for dirt and grass!!!  Very nice overall.

Once again the "Cottage of the Week," is no cottage but two houses on an island and at nearly $3 million not something that your average Joe could easily afford.  However if someone were to offer it to me for free I would take it.  I love how it's all decorated.  Would love to live there year round.  Wouldn't use the sauna though and was wondering what they do with sewage?

"The Condo of the Week," is in an ugly looking building.  I can't say the inside is much better.  I think it's the photos though that are not doing it justice this time.  It's probably nicer when you are there in person.  Not my cup of tea though but at $639,000 it's actually not too bad a price for where it is.

Ordered the baby shower invitations today from here  We ordered Our Little Princess' baby shower invitations from there and were impressed with the quality and the service.


Evelyn said...

lo you were being honest but poor server was just making conversation but asked at the wrong time! i don't mind the heat (and I have no AC here) or the cold but hate snow and ice. Guess I live in the wrong country!

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I am just the same...not coping with it at all her! Mind you, none of the Canadians A talk to are either!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well it is very hot. I think you are hotter than we are down here but it is good for haying. Stay safe OK. Hug B

Jane and Chris said...

"who likes this bloody hot stinking weather?"..ME!!!!
Jane xx

Paula said...

Don't worry Gill, we've been here for 300 years and I still hate this hot and humid weather :)

It's easy for her to sound like she enjoys it. She spends her day in the (usually) very air conditioned McD's.

The only reason I don't complain too much about this weather is because it's good 'corn making' weather. But inside I'm counting down the days till fall.

Aodhnait said...

Sounds like weather I could love!!!

Rose said...

Home of the week: I love so much about it, but feels a bit formal for me. But I could change that easily enough. The garage is more tidy than my house!

The Cottage--The best ever...I would take it anywhere, any time. I really, really like it.

Condo: Believe it or not, I actually like far as condos go.

As for weather, I don't know of anyone that likes this weather...and I don't know of any of us that don't complain both winter and summer!

Karine said...

I have no issue with Summer weather, because in my mind Summer is too short anyhow and we spend all Winter waiting for it. One thing that does bug me a bit though is that when it is this hot it is nearly impossible for me to get my jogging in because the risk of heat stroke is too high.

I love the home of the week!

Winifred said...

Have to say I'm enjoying the summer here in the UK. Well we haven't really had a summer for years so I won't complain about the heat. Balmy evenings are just about unheard of here in the cold north east so I'm enjoying them.

Nobody is ever happy about the weather here!

angela said...

Haha I wish I could of seen their faces,
Look its hot and I'm not happy, just give me the frappe thingy and no one gets hurt. Lol

What the heck?

Not sure what happened to me on Wednesday morning but I had a burst of energy and cleaned out some kitchen cupboards?????  I have been think...