Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The phone is smarter than me!!

Which I know isn't anything new, considering I am very technically challenged.  On Saturday when out we checked out new cell phones for me, as mine is so basic it is crazy.  We ended up with this one:

It's a Sony Xperia and it's an "Android" phone, whatever that means.  Only discovered it was called that because dd told us!  Dh has an i-phone so is sort of used to this type of phone.  When the guy in the Bell guy was showing us what it could do dh was nodding and commenting; me I just looked more and more confused.  

We decided in the end that yes I would get one at a cost of $51 a month, I was paying $17 a month for my last one.  While we were paying and signing for everything, I mentioned to the guy that he had forgotten one important thing, how on earth am I supposed to turn the bloody thing on and off???  At that point there was sniggering from the sidelines as I said it in a loud enough voice for others to here.

Yep, he had sold a fancy phone to an idiot.  He gave me his card and I did warn both him and dh that they would rue the day I ever got this phone as I would have a million questions.  By that night dh was fed up of me and the phone.  But as I said I told you this would happen.

Next day dd phoned and so she also got bombarded with questions.  However as per her instructions I am only allowed to use it as a phone, send text messages and take photos.  Once I have mastered that..........should only take a couple of years I am hoping.........then I can move onto other things.  I do have internet on the phone, 500 MB or is it MG (?) per month, which is handy and dh has set it up so I can read my emails, got that figured out.

Have some contact names set up in it, thanks to dh.  However I need to change my contact name as it's coming up as "Myself," but can't decide if I should be Mam or Gill?  I am thinking probably Gill, right?

I am going out this morning, so will take it with me, so I can practice sending texts; that should annoy everyone on my list!!!  If you want to be added to my list let me know and maybe I can send you annoying texts as well!!!

Next on my things to learn is how to use the DVR so I can watch movies and how to use the remote control so I can use the PVR (?) thingy to tape shows..........that should keep me busy over the next few years!!!


Jane and Chris said...

I just got the most simple phone I could..I know how to make calls and look in the directory for the four numbers I've entered.That's it!
Jane x

T'Pol said...

:) That's a hilarious post! Made me laugh while taking a break from a busy schedule. Thank you!

Debby said...

You are a BRAVE lady Miss Gill!!! I still have my old flip phone, if it ever dies I am a gonner! I too am hoping the day comes I can figure out the DVD thing as I have 3rd series of Downtone Addy waiting to be opened

Holly Nelson said...

I have a pay as you go flip phone, but I find it so difficult to work now that I am an iPhone convert :( I am like the opposite to you. Plus pay as you go talk plans are so expensive here, I think I need to go back to a contract phone!

Country Gal said...

Well good for you . Have fun with all the new electronic gadgets ! We gave up on all the new gadgets in phones and Iphones and what not and Papa and I have Mic phones they are a phone you can also call out on or receive calls and text if we want but they have a walkie talkie type feature that Papa and I use and his parents have them to so we all can contact each other from anywhere that way and that part is free ! No charge for using the walkie talkie part and actual calls we have 200 min free each month ! As for the PVR and stuff I can manage all that ok thanks to Papa and his electronic know hows lol ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

50 and counting said...

I'm on pay as you go because I rarely use the beast.

Rogers hate me. I put $100 a year on the phone. I pay $3/month for 30 texts (I think the most I've ever sent is 23) so my sons can text me whenever they want. That and the 911 fees are it. I found a plan that is 1cent/minute after 8pm and over the weekend. Otherwise it's 39cents/minute. I don't use it during the day except for real emergencies.

Last year, I didn't even have to renew my $100 as a nice man at Rogers gave me an extension when I called up to ask why I was getting messages about my Blackberry when Idon't have a Blackberry.

I'm afraid of the day my Nokia goes to dead phone box in the sky. I'm afraid of touch screens!

Karine said...

Smartphones are awesome once you get the hang of them! Good for you on taking the plunge!

angela said...

Don't be afraid of it. Just try stuff. You really can't do anything wrong. Once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you live without it. I do everything on it except blog, but thwt only because I have my iPad. Im sure if I had to I could do that as well. Good luck I have faith in you xxx

Rose said...

You just cracked me with that line 'yep, he had sold a fancy phone to an idiot'--that would be me, too.