Thursday, July 25, 2013

Am I ever happy?

Well I must admit to being happy with the weather on Wednesday, BUT, it was a little cool first thing in the morning.  I normally sit at the computer eating my breakfast with the window open, but on Wednesday morning, had to close the window as it was getting a bit nippy.

By the way has anyone seen the lady in the image above..........just a hint it's the ironing fairy.  I have no idea where she has disappeared too, but I wish she could come back as I am fed up of having to do all the ironing!!  I wonder if she's a tad fed up as I haven't paid her recently......actually never!!

As I am writing this on Wednesday night the red cardinal is attacking the window again.  This happens multiple times a day and is driving us all crazy.

The smart phone is still a whole lot smarter than me and between me and you the bloody thing is going back on the weekend, as I need one that does things more simply.  Luckily I have a 14 day trial period with this one.

We are trying to sort out some life insurance for when we have paid off our mortgage next month.  We already have some life insurance but we want to top it up.  Its a whole new minefield trying to sort this out.

One piece of advise though get as much permanent life insurance as possible when you are younger, as it's cheaper than when you are older.

I think that's enough whining for one it's your turn!!


Dee said...

Give the phone a little more time. I know its hard to get used to but you can do so much with it (even without it costing you money)

Jane and Chris said...

When we got life insurance a nurse came to the house to do blood tests,weight, height etc.Felt a bit weird having bloodwork done in the dining room!
Jane x

Holly Nelson said...

If you find that ironing fairy, give her a little time to fly our way for a bit?!

Rose said...

If it is quilting, I don't mind ironing...but boy, the rest is for the birds...I could whine but it wouldn't do any good. So just trying to enjoy the lovely weather we are having for the next few days.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Gill, I'm glad you're getting cooler weather up there. I think you're sending it down to us. It's been lovely today.

Not sure where the ironing fairy is, she's not visited our house lately :)

Jeanne Ireland said...

I had no idea there was an ironing fairy. My lifestyle doesn't really call for any ironing if I get the stuff out of the dryer quickly. Hey,we are all entitled to a little whining. Tomorrow is usually better.