Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grocery shopping and other things........

Before taxes I had over a 50% savings on that little lot.  I paid $26.45 including taxes and used $13.74 in taxes.  Both the cereal and ground turkey were free.  The soap was $2.47 each and I had a $3 off coupon on two boxes, so that came to $1.94 for four bars of soap which wasn't bad.  I had never had the Beer and Onion sausages before and they were quite good, not spicy just flavorful.  I have updated my grocery total on my right sidebar.

One thing I am busy with is sorting out the baby shower along with dd best friend and a couple of other people.  The thing is I can't say or post anything about it as dd reads the blog.  So I will have to post photos and details when it's over with.  Suffice to say dd best friend is a creative whiz and it will be lovely thanks to her creativity.

On Wednesday I had a trip to the doctor to get some skin tags removed from the corner of the eye lid.  The one had gone black so it was going to drop off at some point but it hurt like crazy.  As this was a "cosmetic procedure," despite it hurting like crazy and was all inflamed and red, I had to pay $85 to have that and two other's removed. 

I read through dh's work's insurance book and have no idea whether I can claim it back?  I could have sworn when we first came to Canada this sort of thing was covered by OHIP (government) or am I just imagining it?  Granted things have changed a lot in the past 24 years.  I know my mother had the same problem and she got them removed at the doctors office for free; this is in Britain though.

I have a number of other skin tags that could have been removed, but as it took two lot's of injections to numb the eye area, I wasn't overly keen on having any more.  When I have forgotten how painful this was, which shouldn't be too long, as I am getting more senile by the day, I'll go back and get some more removed.


Evelyn said...

great savings!

I would call your health care provider and ask, you never know it could be covered, seems like it should be. said...

Ouch - there is nothing like "procedures" (medical) to ruin your day, but nice to get them over with!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

YIKES ! nobody, or I should say any sane person, would not care for pain of any kind.

Jane and Chris said...

I have skin you've mentioned needles to numb them,I think I'll stick with them!
Jane x

slugmama said...

I had skin tags(as well as a couple of moles)removed in Feb. down here in the States.
Our insurance didn't cover it so I could either pay $150 cash to them directly or let them submit it to my insurance, in which case if they didn't cover it(and they wouldn't because it was coded as cosmetic as the tags weren't cancerous)I would have to pay about $1000.
How can it be such a difference in price. lol

Anyway, the point of commenting was to say that the dr. here used dry ice to freeze the tags and they fell off within a few days. I didn't need any injections of anesthetic using this method.
And 2 of my tags were on my lower lid and the side of the other eye's lid.
Maybe if you go back for more removals inquire about going that route.
Needles in the eye area? thanks! lol

Rose said...

Just in the past two months, or so you would have think somebody planted skin tags on my neck...I don't even know how many I am getting. I am already tired of them...but had so much medical expense already this year that I don't want to add to it if I can help it.

We are done close to $3000 out of pocket expenses and it is just the middle of July! I need glasses but they are on the back burner for now...

50 and counting said...

If the extended health doesn't cover them, they can be used on the income tax as part of the medical deductions.

Alberta Health doesn't cover podiatry visits but our Blue Cross and Sun Life repays a portion.

Now, I submit everything to the extended health, save their replies and put everything into Revenue Canada. And I've never had a problem. You can even claim the premiums you pay for the extended health coverage, dental plans and if you purchase an out of country health insurance package as well.

Jean said...

Hi Gill In Manitoba, the drs. tend to set up a quazy day surgery appointment. My slot was for 1/2 hour. That way the provincial medical system covers it. Call your health provider. Ours (Blue Cross) will cover that.