Friday, July 5, 2013

Storm and Spec (photo heavy)

The farm above us is a true farm and he has a couple of Belgians and a miniature horse which I have mentioned before.  The miniature horse and the Belgian both had foals a month ago and I finally got over to take some photos yesterday.

This is Storm and his mother.
 This is Linda, she is 23 years of age.  She is a fine old lady and very gentle.
This is Spec, which is short for Special and he was a little skittish.  That is Jim and on the right of the photo, just below the red building you can see a grey/white driveway, that is where we live.
Spec is a tall boy; that's his mother's head in the photo.  The father is from Indiana......or at least that is where the sperm came from!
 Jim and Spec's mother.
Spec's tail was docked at birth which is a normal thing to do apparently.
 A closer look at Spec.
 Spec trying to find something to eat!
 A close up of Storm; he was named Storm as there was a storm when he was born.  By the way he may look innocent enough, but he's a biter........ask me how I know!
 Another shot of Linda.
This one is to show you the height difference in the horses.  By the way Storm has discovered he is a male and is "humping" everything in sight!  Ask me how I know!!
Love this shot, the woods on the fence line are on the south end of our property.  The road you can see is the lane way to the house behind us by the red cattle building.


Evelyn said...

love the pictures! what a special place you live in

stitcheranon said...

Lovely. I love falabellas. Is it the photo or have they got cropped tails????

Buttons said...

Oh I would have enjoyed this trip with you Gill awesome shots. B

Gill - That British Woman said...

The Belgians do indeed have cropped tails, as they would have had when they were working horses, as the tails just et in the way of the machinery. Jim just carries on with the tradition.

bonsaimum said...

Wonderful photo's. Beautiful horses.

boopnut said...

Beautiful pics and I would love to see the miniature horse in person! You are in a nice area!

Jane and Chris said...

I'm not asking you anything,tooooooooo risky!
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Some very nice shots Gill.

Holly Nelson said...

When I first got my Shetland pony he was only six months old and he used to constantly jump on me whilst I was mucking out, right up until he was gelded! Cute pics, especially of little n large!

Lena said...

Aww, cute!!

Karine said...

Sounds like Storm is quite the character!