I am a British born, living in Canada. Moved to the countryside in 2009 to a 1909 stone farmhouse. In 2014 we are going to embark on a new adventure with our home ownership.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random photos.......

The sunrise on Friday morning.......

My new laptop, which dh is setting up for me:
Christmas Balls, not sure what I am going to do with them? Have two boxes of each colour, eaight of each size of ball in each box.......any crafty ideas?
Horses with their sunglasses on to remind me, that eventually this bloody snow will go!!
Haven't been on the computer much as my hands are sore.  Will update you on them on Tuesday after I have been to the doctors on Monday........

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A lovely variety of photos today Gill. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your hands.

what a lovely photo of sunrise and the snow roll on weather

Nice photos Gill new laptop yeah!!!
Take care of that hand. B

I love my gadgets and get super excited when I'm getting a new one lol
x x x

Our laptop has had a hissy fit too..it seems to be behaving itself so far today though.
Off to clear snow (I AM SICK OF IT!!)
Jane x

So sorry about your hands, hopefully the dr. can shed some light -- and help -- on the matter. Lovely photos -- I especially like the one of the sky and the one of the horses is really nice too. I am with you about the snow -- although we don't have any at the moment -- expecting tons of rain, however, which we really need.

Fab sunset Gill!
Sorry to hear you are suffering with your hands, hope all goes well with GP and you are soon on the mend
Sarah xx

Sore hands make for unhappiness, hope the dr. can help you out. Delighted to see your pics. The sunrise pic is worth framing. Good wishes to you Gill! :)

Love the random photos!

Such a beautiful sunrise and love those horses.

Sorry to hear your hands are hurting.

Big Hugs.

Sft x

Lucky you ... a new toy. Could you send some of that snow over here, we're experiencing some mighty bush fires at the moment. Some not far from here. Sue

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